TRUST: Intelligence Community has Lost America!

It was a bad day on the Hill for James Comey…

With all the issues surfacing over FISA, wiretaps and illegal surveillance, Congress decided to hold yet another James Comey hearing last Monday (March 20th 2017) to get answers. Along with National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers, Comey spun and spun, much like he did during the two public hearings on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation fiasco, which sadly lost the director any credibility in the eyes of the public.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has been a highly revered agency in the past; a go-to for most Americans to keep us safe and bring criminals to justice. However, with Comey at the helm, it seems that if you are a Liberal politician, you get major cover as we saw with Clinton’s big pass after violating the Espionage Act and a host of other laws regarding the handling of classified information. James Comey demonstrated Monday that he is far from apolitical; stating he couldn’t comment on investigations then commenting only on the ridiculous claims of debunked Russian interference in our election and the Trump campaign.

Comey cherry-picked the ‘investigations’ he would speak on; while refusing to answer many questions about whether or not the Bureau plans to investigate various criminal leaks that have sprung in full mass during these first days of the Trump Administration. While he admitted they were felonies, he refused to say he would investigate this highly felonious breach, which left a disturbing overshadow on his already damaged persona in the public eye.

Many representatives on the Oversight Committee revealed Comey’s political implications with various lines of questioning and caught him in red handed (or tongued) lies about facts, timelines and other incidentals. Hence, this apparent lack of impartiality on his behalf has caused many to question why President Trump didn’t remove him on or before January 20th.

In a poll taken yesterday on Twitter with 900 participants, we found that a mere 9% of our respondents trust the Intelligence Community, leaving a whopping 91% having no trust at all.

The most staggering reveal in this is the 57% whom do not trust them ‘now.’ Meaning, that they used to trust IC but in light of the developments over the last year, their confidence has either faltered or is completely eradicated. Hence, this demonstrates the damage James Comey (as well as James Clapper and John Brennan) has done to IC’s relationship with the American public – a fact pointed out by Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-R) during the hearing. Yet, Comey didn’t seem all that concerned about how Americans look at him or the agency. Pretty brazen considering we pay his nice salary and benefits.

In his questioning, Rep. Gowdy queries out valid points about how Comey has lost America’s trust and the illegality of ‘leaks’ to the press on classified information. For many watching, it was a Groundhog Day moment as we saw this during the abovementioned hearings only months ago. As you will see below, he grilled the director on several interesting items, which is disturbing for most. “This is an agreement between the American people and the government…”

Some Twitter people have begun to speculate what James Comey’s role is within this Deep State construct:

“Comey is not the leaker. As it appears, Comey was a means toward an ends.”  — The Last Refuge

Revelations also came forth from Comey by way of his body language and it was obvious the director was very nervous in this hearing unlike ever before. For example, when New York Republican Elise Stefanik questioned him, he stated at the time of relaying the Trump investigation to the Obama Administration there was no Director of National Intelligence. Well, for the record, we did have a DNI and his name was James Clapper. To be so nervous as to forget this fact only shines a large light on his uncomfortable demeanor which has many implications of something to hide.

Additionally,  Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-R) caught Comey in a most precarious position (lie) when questioned about a December article in the Washington Post. He asked the director if the writers had helped him pen his report to Congress a month later.

As you can see from the video, Comey is demonstratively uncomfortable even though he tries to save by blaming the press for being wrong, but not explaining how the verbiage used by WaPo writers was identical to his Congressional report given a month later. He even turned to Director Rogers and said nervously, “It wasn’t even written yet…” Or was it?

Anyone working in the criminal justice system or has parented children knows, deflection is a tell-tale sign of deception. Comey’s Catch-22 by Representatives Gowdy, Conaway and Stefanik, clearly shows his uneasiness throughout the entire hearing. Once again, a man with much to hide. Additionally, this shadow translated to Americans watching the exchanges, which increased the breakdown of trust between them and the FBI (as well as the IC as a whole).

In total, the hearing went further to prove a general sentiment that James Comey is political and unable to carry out the duties of his office due to his lack of impartiality. If our trust is really all that important and vital to Mr. Comey as he told Rep. Gowdy, perhaps it’s time he removed himself from his post as it’s clear, he doesn’t have our trust anymore.

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