Trump’s Economic Vision

There’s been much speculation about what Trump’s plan was for the economy. The Never Trumpets have herald him as not a real conservative which is actually not the case given the brilliant plan he laid out on Monday morning. To the contrary, he has proffered a wonderful plan that would bring back the Middle Class and restore jobs to the economy. Yet, still the Mainstream Media and other hawk that he’s not good enough to be our President.

The fact is, many have used fear mongering on Americas, trying to give every reason in the world why Donald Trump would bring death and disaster to America in every way possible. It’s interesting this fear mongering has culminated in an onslaught of Trump Bashing unlike any other candidate in US Presidential History.

The problem now is, Trump’s economic vision for America is based in steep Capitalism rooted, good old fashion, supply and demand principles that will bring us back to economic health after a long seven and a half years. So much so, even famed Art Laffer, known for his Laffer curve in Reaganomics, heralds the plan to be a brilliant success should it be implemented during the next four years.

So what do the naysayers say now — pretty much the same, but would you or could you expect any different?

When listening to this plan, it becomes clear that economist Stephen Moore had a heavy hand in helping him create incentives for jobs creators. First, he proposes a tax cut to all corporations and businesses across the board – from 35% to 15%. This is a steep cut; however, with a tax this low, he will no doubt not only help small business owners and investors want to hire again, he will also be able to woo and repatriate many businesses that have sought life elsewhere (like China and Mexico.) Job creators are the bedrock of America’s economy; therefore, this steep slice into the taxation inhibitor is a huge bonus for people wanting to open businesses as well.

Second, he is placing a moratorium on all new regulations. To be honest, Obama’s 723 new regulations have been killing businesses – both big and small. With this cessation of regulation creation in DC, the chances of getting a business off the ground is much easier and more enticing to persons whom have sat out the entrepreneur ride for the last seven years. This regulatory reform will be a much welcomed incentive for ex-expatriate corporations as they’ve moved to environs where the regulations are not as massive and hefty as here in the States. Not only is this less cost for goods, it makes manufacturing in America more competitive with places like Mexico and China.

Third, Trump is cutting down the tax brackets from the current seven to three. Easy to remember, 12%, 25% and 33%. This gives a substantial benefit to taxpayers as it puts more money in their pockets. He’s also proposing things like Childcare be deductible which will help working families out considerably. Right now, you can’t deduct childcare from your taxable income.

Fourth, he is repealing and replacing Obamacare with a plan much more sustainable. While putting it back into the insurers’ hands, he is opening up state lines so the pricing will become much more competitive to working families. Meaning, no more monopolies of specific plans and insurers in any one given state – meaning higher costs due to lack of good old fashion competition. He makes the assertion that not only will this lower costs for premiums, it will also make healthcare that in recent years has become sub par, better. Better healthcare at a lower price.

Fifth, as he has been stating since the late Eighties, Trump is going to renegotiate NAFTA and make fair trade deals not continue the trade deficits with place like China and Mexico. These deficits have been growing for years and now he has a chance to fix this problem, utilizing some of the most brilliant deal makers of our times. The end result as most economists will tell you, results in fair competition. Places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio, whom have been desecrated by Obama’s lack of business sense of fair play, will finally begin to have thriving economies again as their jobs and revenues come back to their perspective industries.

Sixth, energy will come back to America. His plan is to reinsert the US in the energy market and resuscitate industries like coal and natural gas – hence, making America energy independent. This goes miles because, as we all know from the Seventies, being dependent on other countries leads to us being at their mercy. As we’ve learned during our OPEC days, when we depend on other countries for our energy sources, we become a slave to their lopsided, highly-inflated pricing. Hence, why electricity has gone through the roof due to coal production in America being brought to a practical halt since Obama entered the White House. With the energy rich resources in the States, Trump plans to open up these resources as well as proxy Canada to reopen it’s Keystone Pipeline deal which has been quashed by the Obama Administration — also at the expense of thousands of jobs for Americans.

Seventh, Trump is willing to go the full nine and invest in America again! Meaning infrastructural reform will be implemented for highways and other federally maintained structures throughout the country. As many know, several bridges around the country are substandard (Minneapolis had a bridge collapse not too long ago, killing many during rush hour on a Friday afternoon) and Trump’s plan will fix these bridges along with the highway system throughout the country. Not only will this be better for the direct communities in safer rides but also, once again, provide construction jobs that are so vital to these projects.

Never being one to create or actually hold a proper jobs, the contrast to Clinton’s plan is like night and day. Her naive outlook through Marx’s rose-colored socialist glasses is painfully obvious as she spouts off about how great things are now. Obviously not living in the real world, her life has been spent in a parasitic lifestyle that has been at the expense of taxpayers. More so, painfully clear, Mrs. Clinton never took an economics class much less actual ran a successful business.

Her free college doesn’t come without a price as Middle America will foot the bill through higher taxes. Additionally, she will continue to charge America into the world of Globalism and strip away whatever scant jobs are left here in the States – with new, higher tax rates on Corporations and Small Business. The result is more corporations will flee the country for cheaper overhead and we’ll be left with basically, an economy of all takers and no producers. No doubt, while she didn’t explicitly state it, we will be headed to a merge with Mexico and Canada – the New World Order Dream of the North American Union (much like what Britain just freed themselves from) and into a borderless nation with no Constitution. While immigration wasn’t on the plate to speak of, everyone knowing Clinton’s thirst to flood America with refugees from Muslim nations and amnesty to illegal aliens, we will no doubt face at a much higher price for big ticket items like welfare.

All in all, while this is just the highlights, it’s plain to see, Capitalism will once again come back to the US rather than the failed half-done Keynesian economics of the New Deal Era, which has been a huge disaster over the last seven years. As many countries know, a strong America makes for a strong World market and surely many leaders are looking forward to the day when our market is robust again.

It’s time we got out of the staggeringly dismal statistics of the Obama era and put behind us the new depression we’ve been experiencing.The only way to do this is elect Trump and his vision for our economic sovereignty and future. Let’s make America Great Again not just for us but for the whole world as well!

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