TRUMPISM: Will President Trump Surpass FDR’s First 100?

A whirlwind so strong, Capitol Hill will never be the same again…

This last week has resulted in a tornado of activity from the Oval Office. In just a mere few days, President Trump has signed Executive Orders to undo the last eight years’ worth of unconstitutional actions and put us back on track with enforcing the laws in our Nation.

It is known fact that President Franklin Roosevelt set a pace for the first 100 days in 1933 that seemed exhausting. In that time, he got passed a litany of legislation that set an almost unfathomable precedent for any president entering the White House since. Most have not been able to achieve this lightening speed but it would seem, President Trump may be rallying to surpass this historical reference.

The New Deal was a massive overhaul done by the FDR Administration to quill the ills caused by the Great Depression. In it, there was sweeping regulations which provided mandates for everything concerning business, public welfare and even providing jobs. However, due to the unconstitutionality of much of these initiatives, much of the widespread legislation was overturn by the Supreme Court, which led to his failed attempt at ‘court packing’ in his second term.

Fast Action for Times of Peril

Since taking office, President Trump hasn’t had even one day off from his duties. It is clear he is taking his new CEO position very seriously and has poised himself to achieve all he promised Americans on the campaign trail. He is not taking any prisoners either as he works at such a pace, it seems to have Capitol Hill in an uproar. They’re not used to politicians coming in and working so feverishly to achieve the goals set in election rhetoric. But, then again, Trump isn’t a politician. He’s a doer, which has abundantly clear to all over the last few days.

Even with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attempting to thwart his appointees, President Trump has moved full steam ahead and continues to right all the wrongs he’s seen over the last three decades in Washington. While many would wonder if he was going to be liken to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, it’s clear, he’s not going to fall for the DC drivel. He has enacted several initiatives through meetings with top labor unions and corporate giants along with Executive Orders, he is fulfilling the promises he made on the campaign trail.

Sure, there are some tweaks needed for his different actions, like the Immigration Executive Order; however, we should be willing to give him some time to work out the kinks that may exist without the constant upheaval prompted by the liberal media. It seems the Liberals and their useful idiots have made a string of ‘demonstrations’ unbecoming to most right-thinking people. Yet, he forges forward and continues to bring to fruition the necessary means for our country to become great again.

Let’s hope his enthusiasm is contagious to his fellow legislators on the Hill because America is dire need of getting back on line in short order. Furthermore, let’s also hope his zeal doesn’t wane because of judicial activists like Brooklyn District’s Federal Judge Ann Donnelly, whom attempted to thwart his effort to enforce our already-existing laws without legal precedent.  While she’s not the only one to try to put a kink in his chain, she will not be the last as Democrats like Schumer and Elizabeth Warren have vowed to work against America’s best interest at all costs to American voters.

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