Trump & Spicer Blasts #FakeNewsMedia in Presser

NEW YORK: Donald Trump had his first official press conference at Trump Towers since his big win on November 8, 2016. It proved to be a bigger ordeal than originally projected due to Left-winged news hacks, Buzzfeed and CNN circulating a completely unsubstantiated story about his involvement with Russia along with salacious morsels that makes even the most jaded Jerry Springer fan blush. By their own admission, the nameless sources and unsubstantiated claims were framed with a clearly fake ‘intel’ report which looks nothing like official intel documents we’ve seen from many sources throughout the last year. In fact, the report looks like something anyone fabricate; therefore, it’s clear this report is a complete fake – and an attempt to defraud the American public while smearing our new President Elect.

New York Post has verified this alleged report was given to the FBI by none other than disgraced Arizona Senator John McCain (R). He has openly admitted his hand in this dastardly deed to undercut our new President before he’s sworn into office. It is no mystery that McCain and his #NeverTrump crowd of naysayers and discontents loathe Trump; however, he has taken his spite and hatred to a new low while taking all of us with him. Atrociously uncouth, the now-disgraced Senator has been barraged with tweets along with Senate GOP and Democrat twitter accounts from people demanding for his resignation and/or expulsion from the Senate.

As for Buzzfeed and CNN, they, too, got their come upings at the presser as you can view for yourselves on the videos below.

Sean Spicer’s opening remarks before introducing our new Vice President Elect, Michael Pence.

Donald Trump telling a CNN Reporter to step off, “You are Fake News!”

It’s a shame We the People are being deprived continually from having any celebration for Trump’s win as Neocons, Mainstream Media and Democrats along with Hollywood berate and throw up unnecessary roadblocks and verbal diarrhetic tantrums — all for some big ‘show’ that’s proven to keep the public divided as we usher in a new stage in our history.

Sorry, but these tantrums have grown far too old and proven once again the political, media and celebrity elites don’t get the hint We the People gave them very succinctly last Election Day. Not too bright!

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