TRUMP: Not Just a President

It would be lovely if when people completely vilify President Donald Trump, they would remember, this man is also someone’s grandfather. They seem to forget the humanity behind the public image and often take cheap shots like at the Oscars last night. Some day, these two beautiful children will see their rantings and though they will understand as adults how Liberals often use personal smears to make up for their side not having any stance, they will still be hurt because he is their grandfather.

Liberals should think before speaking – but then again, if they did that, they would betray their legacy of division and radicalism. How many liberals can say they’ve done anything for anyone else but themselves? I’m sure there’s a story or two out there but one is hard pressed to ferret them out.



Moments like this reminds us of our President’s personal side. You know the one… the one that did great things for many people long before he ran for office.

Just the other day, a family member told me that he heard a story about how a man stopped to help Trump’s driver out when they had a flat tire a long time ago. Trump asked him what he could do for him and he said, “Just send my wife flowers.”

A week later, the woman got a huge bouquet of flowers with a note. “Your husband said to send you flowers to thank you for his help. PS: I paid off your mortgage. Best.”

This is the Donald I’ve always known! Its high time the rest of country remember these moments, too!

All people should remember that this demonization is not only tough on the person its directed towards but also their families, whom more often than not, are completely innocent and have no public life.

It must be hard for children and grandchildren of any President to hear the person they’ve seen as their rock being victimized and scrutinized morning, noon and night, 365-days a year. To read about them in history books must be particularly painful but it comes with the territory; hence, why the President consulted his whole family before embarking on this journey with us, the American people!

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