Trump names Christopher A. Wray for FBI Director

True to form, early this morning, Trump announced through Twitter, his pick for FBI Director is Christopher A. Wray.

Wray is no stranger to the Department of Justice – working there from 2003-2005. However, its his vigilance in going after RICO violators.

A far cry from James Comey and his dubious ties to the Clintons and other nefarious actors within our government, we can hope there’s some good things to come from a new FBI under his management.

The Facts…

  • Born in 1967, he got both his undergraduate and JD from Yale (1989/1992 respectively). He was executive editor of the Yale Law Review while in law school.
  • In 1997, he was an assistant US Attorney in Georgia and then in 2001 went to the Justice Department to work as an associate deputy attorney general and principal associate deputy attorney general.
  • Wray was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2003 to the Department of Justice where he headed the criminal division, overseeing fraud investigations like Enron.
  • In 2005, he received the Edmund J. Randolph Award and went into private practice, joining the law firm King and Spalding in Georgia where he represented many Fortune 100s.
  • His political connections are found when he acted as the personal attorney for NJ Governor Chris Christie during the Bridgegate scandal.
  • He’s married with two children.

All information was retrieved from Wikipedia.

Thanks to Adam Gingrich for his morning update to keep us in the loop! Go to Adam’s website at Wick Media Productions.

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