TRUMP: Always Underestimated, Always Delivers on Substance

Liberals have underestimated Donald Trump from the very beginning.

They said he could never get past the first primary, then it was every primary afterwards. They thought he was a joke, that he didn’t have the smarts to run a nation. He was just a rowdy businessman who didn’t have a clue. Some people still say this in their argument that he’s not a legitimate president. In spite of everything they say, his detractors just can’t seem to shake him. And it’s apparent, the Donald is not going anywhere because now not only is he the President of the United States, he’s outsmarting some of the people who claim they’re the brains of the US.

The Left and Media have underestimated him from the very beginning because they never foresaw any “novice” actually running up against the likes of Jeb Bush and actually winning the nomination, much less the White House. To them, he was an amateur that warranted any serious concern.

He has penetrated the pulse and heart of America…

Donald Trump has gotten under the Left’s skin and they’re going absolutely rabid with anger because they just don’t get him or his magical touch on the American people. And this just pisses them off, marvelously!

What is lost on his detractors is Trump didn’t achieve his life by happenstance or even wealthy beginnings. In fact, if you investigate his life, he started from an upper Middle Class background but, using his wit and street smarts, he’s achieved more than most through ingenuity and outside of the box mentality. He is not the average Joe and his 4-D chess continues to get more elaborate.

While some Democrats hypocritically cry he’s dishonest – they don’t seem to get the fact that he’s exposing them and their media lapdogs in the most provocative styling possible. He is turning their weaponry on themselves as he brings for their own shortcomings and then uses it against them. Basically, he’s getting the Liberals to out themselves while he sits back, watching and tweeting.

It’s gotten to the point where many think of Trump as the ultimate threat to America; however, the real threat he poses is to those in DC whom believe they’re above the law. He has played them all while setting America up for continuous winning.

Restore us to where we were in the Eighties when winning was taken for granted…

Unlike the last three decades, President Trump has done something we’ve been sadly lacking in America since Reagan. Confidence. He has restored the pride and confidence we need as Americans to succeed, not only on a national level, but also on a personal level. He has restored faith we should always have in ourselves. This is true leadership and if you notice, it has nothing to do with taxation or healthcare. Having faith in oneself is so basic, it cannot be measured. Like a knowing father filled with intuition, President Trump has touched the hearts of most and given them what they need to succeed.

Like it or not, President Trump has systematically made it okay to be an American again and feel good about yourselves on a personal level! Something continually lost on the rabid liberals and their lamestream media lap pups that they’ll probably never get! And this is one of the chief reasons, we keep on winning!

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