Truculence & Indignation

There’s no wonder President Trump tweeted this morning that perhaps they should cease all press briefings at the White House. From today’s briefing, his tweet was justified due to the Media’s truculence and indignation was ever present. Pictured are two reporters for whatever MSM outlet, scowls abound and yet they wonder why Trump wants to end their access?


Of course, it goes without saying that President Trump knew it would get them all aflutter when he tweeted it this morning; however, maybe triggering is what he set out to do. It seems he’s had a week of ‘triggering’ Democrats and Liberal Media with delight! First Comey was fired and then his tweets coupled with his Voter Fraud Executive Order – made for a recipe for big triggers in the land of Trump derangement and hysteria.

This woman asked about the the tweet, citing it was about White House accuracy. Quite the contrary, in fact, the President was clearly discussing their (MSM) lack of accuracy and how written statements might be the best course to go.

How many times does Press Secretary Sean Spicer have to answer the same question? Ten? Thirty? Yet, these mindless buffoons continue asking the same question; beckoning Spicer to relay facts (and mindsets) he doesn’t have any way of knowing. It is pointedly obvious they all come in with a set agenda to pursue and to hell with any real news the White House has to give them.

Of course, even though China and Trump have arranged a nice trade deal, where China will be importing US Beef, a large accolade for our meat industry here in the US, the reporters [sic] obsessed once again on the three-day old story of Comey and this mornings tweets from the President. Forget the fact this trade deal will bolster our economy and it looks as if tides are changing between US/China trade imbalance. Oh, that’s not real news! No, the real news is: Will Trump cut these bottom-feeders off from the press corp tit? And is Trump recording anything in the White House. Like who really cares besides those pimp salacious headlines because the truth only makes Trump look good.

Yes, as many twitter people have stated after the briefing, it is almost an unspoken rule in the MSM that anything making the Trump Administration looking good needs to be quashed and silenced, but the President’s tweets are all the rage. If this is the case, why not let the tweets replace press conferences and call it a day?

Frankly, it’s a waste of the people’s money to house these minions and put this hour-long fiasco on every day, so why bother? It’s just more waste, abuse and fraud at the taxpayers’ expense, because out of these briefings, if we’re not watching them ourselves, we get none of the real information they contain. All we get is the Comey/Russian/conspiracy tin foil hate theories and general dissent of a nefarious press whose sole purpose is to forward the DNC’s dying message.

People have begun tuning them out and looking to others – including the man himself – for their answers. Perhaps it would be a better budget move if President Trump conducts a once-a-week recorded message and any questions can be submitted to the press office in writing.

This was much the way it was handled through many administrations – questions had to be submitted ahead of time. If one reads up on FDR history, he insisted on questions being submitted in writing during every term post the first. No press conference or briefing was done impromptu. Perhaps this is what should happen now given the press has completely lost all semblance of journalistic integrity. In writing, there can be no misunderstanding or ‘gotch-ya’ moments they seem so hell bent on inciting when they ask their loaded questions, dripping with sarcasm and disdain towards our President.

Denying media’s access would be much more catastrophic for them than the President and the People because that’s how they justify their large ad dollars to sponsors. If they are put on even footing with everyone in Joe-Blow-America, they wouldn’t command the big bucks anymore. Maybe this is what needs to happen because obviously they’re just a bit too full of themselves to understand the true humility of viewership depending on integrity.

Oh how I long for the days of respect and honest reporting… the days of Walter Conkrite. But let’s face it, those days are long gone and now, we’re stuck with this — that is until changes are made in a real way. How those changes come about from the Media is anyone’s guess considering their credibility is shot; however, with the White House, they can do much to get their message out to the people. Just bypass these ingrates altogether!

In the end, the war is not between President Trump v. the Liberal Media; it’s really the People of the United States of America v. the Mainstream Media Arm of the DNC.

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