Travel Ban: What’s Next? Family Pets & Neighbors?

Are we going to include pets and neighbors as the next judicial activism snag to thwart President Trump’s attempt to keep us safe?

It would seem so as the Hawaii judge, Derrick Watson, continues to poke a stick at the travel ban; usurping millions of Americans’ desire to not have our country overrun by refugees. Considering his state has failed to obligate itself to take any of the over 50K refugees, it’s pretty astounding that he would be hearing any cases that try to stop the ban from occurring.

In a recent article on the Washington Times, many malcontents weighed in on why they think the ban is unfair and cruel; however, they’re missing one very crucial element, which they would love for all of us to ignore: President Trump has the constitutional right to ban anyone from entering the United States should he deem them to be a potential threat to Americans!

The Lunatic Fringe Left, like Derrick Watson and the American Civil Liberties’ Union, has gone postal with this president and challenged everything he’s tried to implement in regards to immigration. They don’t seem to grasp (or more sinister, maybe they do) that members from ISIS have infiltrated many of these groups and gained entry to our country. Instead of our safety, they’re more concerned about universities and their VISA programs, thus, demonstrating the continued apathy towards our safety and well-being.

Is it a misguided sense of misjustice or is it simply because it’s President Trump’s orders that they challenge?

Recent history would dictate it’s the latter considering every president since Carter has exerted a travel ban at one time or another during their tenure. Their continuance of trying to upset the apple cart at the sacrifice of our safety is quite disturbing and it’s come to a point where voters are starting to wake up to the dog and puppet show being betrayed on us, daily.

The media has also been touting the same ‘sad song’ with Schumer crocodile tears; however, are Americans really buying it? They seem to miss the point that this is the very reason why a President Trump came to be — the wanton lawlessness and failure adherence to the Constitution by the Left!

Most Americans advocate the border wall along with closing off immigration from countries known for cultivating and supporting terrorists. We all see the trials and tribulations of attacks in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe. Do these people just turn a blind eye to the violence throughout the world perpetrated in the name of an entire governance system masquerading as a religion? Can these malcontents really be that thick?

When Obama (and everyone before him) issued such bans, the ACLU and others didn’t say a peep. In fact, most Americans didn’t even know the bans were happening. It’s not until Donald Trump – whom they deem to be unworthy of his legally elected position – that they begin to squeal and throw hissy fits like petulant children.

Just remember, we voted for him and it’s because we accepted and promoted his policies, which are a sharp change from the prior administrations – hence taking us back to the Reagan era, which was the last time America was truly prosperous. We have rejected the New World Order milieu and grasped, once again, to patriotism and feeling our own desires to have pride in ourselves and our country.

President Trump inspired us to feel good about everything again, rather than damn us for our country’s innovative spirit which has brought us a plethora of advancements, for which the whole world has enjoyed — like automobiles, computers, smartphones, electricity and air travel to name a very few of many! We are a country of great strides and spirit which, frankly, ticks off liberals to no end. Therefore, this new snag in the immigration ban situation is not unexpected; however, sickening all the same.

Politics over safety is never the right track, yet liberals and judicial activists like Watson continue to careen down this path without any semblance of decency. Perhaps it’s time President Trump revisits 1803 and abolishes Watson from his post as he is definitely not looking out for Americans’ safety, but more importantly, he’s not upholding our US Constitution — which is his sworn oath to do!

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