To You & Yours…

The Crowenation’s White House Christmas Ornament Tree – 2017

On this first MAGA Christmas, we have much to celebrate. There are so many wonderful things our beloved President Trump has done throughout the year to Make America Great Again, but also Make America Rich Again.

Rich in so many ways, we have grown as a Nation to embrace our own culture without the expense of others’ cultures. We have come together to move our worlds further down the path of success.

We have truly been blessed this year and on this holiest of days, we have much to be thankful for.

It is with great gratitude that I thank you, my readers, for your patronage and allowing me to be a part of your conversations.

Stay tune for a special year wrap up on New Years Eve – as we are moving into even more superb times!

Sending you great love and happiness, wishing you all the best Christmas ever.

Always yours,
— Thornton

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