Tired of…

Americans are tired of being at the back of the queue. We’ve been there for far too long as far as Democrats are concerned and perhaps this is the biggest reason Donald Trump is surging in the general election campaign before it’s even begun.

Today, another 7K jobs lost as Walmart plots layoffs (and it’s not even the post Christmas dump.) With this kind of economy, it is just foolish to believe any Democrat could tout the Obama economy as being anything but a fairy tale with Puff the Magic Dragon spinning tales from the ivory tower called DC. Outside the beltway, Americans are hurting. They don’t know where their next dollar is coming from while Washington throws around Billions on strippers and big casino trips.

What has this country come to? Just who runs the show?

The political elite Ronald Reagan warned us about in 1964 seems to feel they do and they’re not afraid to come up short when money is missing. Example, not one media person has dared to ask Hillary Clinton where the $6B+ missing from her State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State. Not a one has brought her to task about this – not even Chris Wallace when he did his Sunday Morning sit down with her over a month ago.

Which brings us to the media.

Notice how our media has enjoyed free reign over Trump, spinning his words and deeds into some ‘dark’ tale while providing cover for their gal pal. Yet, some still are in a case of denial. Some still buy the MSM hype with their fictitious poll numbers, which have been proven to be nefarious samplings, heavily weighted towards Democrats.

Is the whole establishment in for a rude awakening in November? Guess time will tell… but one thing is for sure, people are tired of citizens being treated badly while professional politicians fawn over refugees and illegal aliens

It’s only a matter of time – we will surely have an answer sooner than later.

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