TIMING: Tantrum Pandemonium

A rant of a different kind to round out this festive season…

For those with sensitivities, this may not be something for you to read as
Thornton blows a fuse!
If so, carry on and Merry Christmas!

They say nothing in life happens by accident; there’s always some bigger plan unfolding than what we see right in front us. Not being one to buy into a lot of the metaphysical hubbub, you can’t help but notice some uncanny events all interlocking in some synchronistic chain leading us to that mystical December 19th date when the Electoral College is accepted by Congress, making Donald J. Trump our 45th President.

The Big Chain of Non-Coincidence

First, through the Podesta Wikileaks Email dumps, we learned of a world, that to most, is strange and appalling — the world of pedophilia. This outed a couple pizza joints in Washington, DC: Besta and Comet Ping Pong. They became the central focus for many investigators, hot on the trail to unravelling this horrific schema, which seems to involve many upper crusts within the Beltway.

Second, we all of the sudden were faced with a recount by a candidate that didn’t even garner enough votes to rise beyond 1%. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, raised more than four times in funds than she did for her presidential run for this recount effort, which was posed as inciting faith in our election process.  While it was suspicious that her donations came in large chunks ($165K per hour, every hour even when people were asleep) and the fact that none of Clinton’s states were in her audit, no one bothered to question this in the Media. In fact, they all ignored this rather unusual situation and kept relatively quiet about its origin.

Third, after two recounts – Michigan and Pennsylvania – were struck down and Wisconsin came up empty handed… we are now faced with this erroneous fabrication (once again) about Russia’s big takeover plot to steal our election for Trump. Even though the FBI has strongly stated there was no evidence of who or where any hacking occurred and people like Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, stated several times Russians had no involvement. Be that as it may, the Washington Post and New York Times decided to perform a professional hit (smear) job and run with their fake news banter – much like they did the entire election.

This caused a storm of epic proportions, involving the president, RINOs in the Senate and other yahoos to scream for an investigation — and one Democrat Congressperson even calling for us to go to war with Russia. Over what? Nonsense, but I guess to her, it sounded good and got her on some screwball program. The big mouth usual suspects like Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Mitch McConnell have all come forth, yammering on about Russians and other such nonsense to attempt engagement from the press and needless worry people who don’t realize they’re probably trying to cover their own tushes.

In the middle of all the milieu is Chris Suprun, a person no one has ever heard of before, who claims he’s the lone Texas Elector refusing to vote for Trump on the 19th. Yes, he has come out and claimed he will thwart the people from his state and go rogue – with no provocation whatsoever other than perhaps to insert himself into the mix for his Warhol 15 minutes of fame [sic].

With Suprun, failed third partier whom only got his name on maybe a couple states’ ballots and likes to refer to himself as a ‘real conservative’ Evan McMillan (aka EggMcMuffin to many) has come forth, screaming about how Trump is going to ruin the world. This coming after people began talking about Rex Tillerson being the ‘chosen’ one for Secretary of State, and outing his little buddy, Mitt Romney for the big gig. Like I said, timing….

Of course, all of this has now marginalized the pedophile ring and nefariously based recount, but it’s also a bit too coincidental to be a coincidence. The professional bumblers are losing their touch because their timing is placid at best. We’ve experienced a ‘rolling crisis’ ever since Election Day that simply doesn’t pass the smell test. While it would be obvious that these events are all in a chain, designed to make Americans regret or rethink their votes for Trump, it is so blatant, you’d have be an ostrich not to catch the general overall themes.

Unfortunately for all those involved, their efforts are serving them in no way to accomplish anything they’ve set out to do. Instead, they’re merely pissing everyone off to the point where January 20th can’t come quick enough. Thus, it’s making us crap all over our own holidays, not be able to be happy about the person we’ve elected and basically served to upstage all the good things Trump’s Transition team has been working hard to accomplish for us.

Simply put: Enough is Enough! 

These people need to get over themselves and their sense of entitlement and carry on. If you don’t like Trump, fine. You can do what we all do when people we don’t want to listen come on the boob tube; turn off the television and find something else to do! If you don’t like his policies, that’s fine, too. You can do what everyone who didn’t like Obama’s policies has done for the last eight years, not vote for Trump in 2020. But for the love of God, just SHUT UP!!!

People are tired of all this garbage going on and frankly, you’re ruining a time when many would like to be able to enjoy their families and celebrate the ancient gift-giving season. This is not the time for watching news anchors and reading disgruntled journalists vomiting up hate, day in and day out!

Mike Cernovich said it best when he tweeted, if this had been reversed, we would have talked for a couple weeks but then everything would be restored to normal. However, being that the Liberals were the losers in this lot, all we’ve heard is one month long temper tantrum with comfort dogs, hot chocolate and frigging care bear idiocy.

Grow up! The election is OVER. Trump won. Like it or not, deal with it. We dealt with it when it was Obama – TWICE in fact. You’re making fools of yourself to the point I’m hoping South Carolina and Arizona recall Graham and McCain so they won’t even be there next session and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the NYT and WAPO all go bankrupt forever!

Another simply put: Quit F-ing up our Holidays!

If there ever was a legal case for mental anguish, this would be hallmark!

Thank you, I’m so glad we had this little chat… Please excuse me, I have to go call my lawyer…

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