Times Be A Changin’

What’s with all the seemingly mass hysteria surrounding Donald Trump’s inauguration? Trying to remember if there was ever such dissent and discourse in our history, the only other time that comes to mind is 1969. The country was already embroiled in vehement debate because, unlike today, we were in the first widely televised war. After the initial discount, it soon became obvious that in the 60s, liberals were protesting because they didn’t want to go to war while now, they’re protesting because they don’t want to go to work!

Trump supporters voted for a complete change in DC and the way it does business. No longer are we willing to accept the skyrocketing spending sprees, forced Obamacare and governmental meddling into our every decision. Finally, we’ve awoken up from our Liberal/MSM hazes and said it’s not a bad thing to be American again – unlike the last thirty years where we’ve been scolded and bullied into shame for having pride in America.

Let’s face it, we’ve entered the age where tangible results are king! It’s not enough to just talk about issues to placate voters every two years. Results!

Yes, this was a true change election and one that will produce results as Trump will govern like a CEO instead of a political ideological hack, lacking Common Sense. He is a doer, which means now, DC is running scared. He is actually doing what he said he was going to do — put people back to work by bringing back (and retaining) jobs to America. Scary actions produce scary times and our youngsters are about to be weened off the government plantation and actually get a job! Hence, making Trump a more legitimate president than the last four, combined. Imagine that!

In addition to the patently false dossier created by the GOPe during the primary, last week’s bigger upset was when the State Department became inflamed over a request from our President Elect. The Transition Team asked all its employees to to submit job descriptions and justify what they do on a daily basis. Furthermore, in these job explanations, they had to illustrate where they’ve actually achieved tangible results — code meaning: how they’ve earned their salaries.

Heavens to Murgatroyd… You mean, like corporations do all the time to assess efficiency? How dare Trump have the audacity to expect government to be efficient? What’s up there?

All these loony liberal tantrums are merely an organized effort to shanghai Americans into buying this mythical notion that an efficiently-run government is a bad one because the DC class has lived off the biggest welfare government subsidy of them all. We’ve allowed them, through our own apathy, to cash in at our expense for so long that now, when they have justify their existence, they’re crying victimhood!

Political loafers like Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell are now required to produce results because gone are the days of empty words and platitudes being blindly accepted. Yes, indeed we’ve rattled some mighty cages and now, we’re having to tolerate infantile tantrums. It’s become pointedly obvious, the only thing bipartisan among the DC Elites is a penchant for waste, fraud, kickbacks, abuse and sloth!

We’re in for the yuge changes we’ve voted for… momentous ones that will actually wrangle our government into working efficiently and with Common Sense while being ever-thoughtful of budgetary restraint. Simply put, our government will begin to work for us; not the other way around! Isn’t it about time?

Buy your favorite whiner an alarm clock… time to go back to work!

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