Thoughts: When You Got Nothing All You Can Do is Sling Sleaze

Friday night’s big revelation from Clinton’s camp is just another reason why people are not giving her that 50% she was complaining about to the Union Reps a few weeks back. We all knew it was going to be an ugly election. Anything to deflect the voters from their everyday woes that are largely due to Democrats and Establishment GOP RINOs running DC for the last thirty years. We knew, anything involving the Clintons would have an element of sleaziness because most remember the good ole’ Nineties with all the salacious headlines of the cigar molesting interns.

We all knew that Jerry Springer stylings of the Clinton’s Sleaze Machine would be ever present on the airwaves – from commercials to debates. Why? Because that’s how the Clintons have always rolled. They don’t know anything more. Didn’t you watch the famed movie, Primary Colors? They started these fabricated smears from their big days in Arkansas. (And yes, folks, Arkansas tried to warn you during the first and second presidential races back in the 90s but you just ignored them.)

Generating and concocting sensational sex scandals, smears and slams towards their opponents has always been their motus operandi. They’ve never moved any other way because they’ve never had anything to offer anyone. They’ve always been all about the money! Sex, Drugs and Politics is their ruling moniker. And Hllary Clinton’s scandals were endless… Whitewater, Travelgate, Bimbo hunting, etc. Real class acts.

She has nothing to give Americans. Hillary Clinton is more washed up than some metal band from the early Eighties. Her politics are old, outdated and out of touch with the Middle American Experience to the point where it’s downright pathetic.  In one of her Wall Street speeches, she openly admits as such.

“I’m kind of far removed from the struggles of the Middle Class because the Left I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy…” — Hillary Clinton Wall Street Transcript – Wikileaks 10/07/2016

In fact, Clinton’s whole life has been nothing more than an elite welfare recipient, left with way too much time on her hands which has spun Clinton Foundation pay to play politics and scandals that make soap operas look tame. Her Corrupt & the Criminal saga has played out over and over again throughout the thirty years she and Bill have molested America and Arkansas. Their trite lives are the stuff Dynasty was penned after. The rich with nothing but spoiled brats to rule the roost.  So to say her record is negligible at best, is clearly an understatement.

Oh, she’d love for you to believe she’s with you. The nouveau riche always likes to fashion themselves as  part of the top one percenters they love to demonize but take donations with a wink and a smile.

It’s no wonder when Sean Hannity interviews her voters on his evening drive radio show, none can recant one accomplishment she’s actually done for any demographic. Instead, the Jeopardy clock ticks with trippy game show background music while no answers, just empty platitudes come forth.

The Real Dynasty from 1980s. Alexis on the right.
The Real Dynasty from 1980s. Alexis on the right.

So when the Washington Post gratis NBC leaked Billy Bush’s probably illegal tape of Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ it seems a bit absurd to believe Clinton was all that offended. For her, it was her chance to play Alexis Carrington Colby in grand stylings – probably the ‘character’ she’s fashioned herself after since the show ran in the Eighties. The only difference now is Chelsea, aka Sammy Jo, is old enough to sling sleaze with her parents cheering her on… married to a Hedge fund broker whose dad is currently in prison for SEC violations and a multitude of other God knows what nonsense.

When you don’t have anything, all you can do is sling the sleaze and feign offense. Yet, just how offended can a socio/psychopath be? Being that they lack the emotional maturity skills it takes to have offense, morals and shame, is she just pulling your leg? The answer: Absolutely.

Clinton’s mistreatment of women, Secret Service Agents, Bill, Chelsea, and employees are legendary – so to say she’s offended by some long forgotten Trump conversation is just silly. She’s the Queen of Mean – and even Trump can’t trump that fact!

While she claims they’re all lying, just how many people have to come forth and specifically state her treatment with alarming regularity before the Clinton Zombies get it? There’s already so much out there about her temperament that it’s almost inconceivable that one can’t ascertain the facts. They’re everywhere.

What does she have to offer that she hasn’t offered before? Well, her ever-moving freight train towards the destruction of America is her only mission. Seem Clinton’s replicant has been charged to spin us towards globalism faster and faster – of course, with her Clinton Foundation being the profiteers of the New World Order – that’s about it!

Its sad but comical the way some of the dummied down masses don’t realize they’re voting for a real reality star long before The Apprentice. The Bill & Hill Show like some twisted Ozzie & Harriet with corruption and criminality has been in primetime for far too long than either have deserved to be there. When Obama said this wasn’t a reality show, he must not have been paying attention to this long-running format… because it’s been there for far too long.

Isn’t it time for America cancelled their series?


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