Things to think about with this NSA Hacker

Is she the only one or is there a whole lot more?

Media has  doxed this millennial (25 year old) NSA contractor, Leigh Winner but some things you need to think about that just don’t make any sense.

First, everyone I’ve ever known with any kind of clearance have had regular reviews to continue their clearance. This also includes their spouses as well, even when the spouse doesn’t hold a clearance. Also, in these clearance re-certifications, anything that shows you do not support America is a red flag which causes immediate dismissal. Bad mouthing the President of the United States is one of those things which quickly engages internal investigations at the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Therefore, how did Winner slip through those cracks when she’s working for the Intel Community?

Many are questioning the timing as if this somehow makes James Comey look good for his upcoming hearing, but does it? The FBI is responsible for these continual checks on people with Top Secret Clearance (TSC); therefore, doesn’t it further validate the perception that Comey didn’t do his job?

Second, in her Tweets on Twitter, Winner said she was part of the Resist movement. Who else has been very vocal about her participation in this Resist movement? Hillary Clinton ring any bells? It seems very interesting that someone deep inside our National Security Agency is also a known resist person. Even as a contractor, alliances such as this are forbidden for obvious reasons. Therefore, why wasn’t her employer held to task for her termination after such a tweet? Additionally, this Resist thing seems to be a pattern that runs along with Antifa and we all know what that group is about.

To see more of Winner’s rants, you can view some on The Ralph Report.

Third, no one seems to know if her bank account has shown unusually large deposits or all her credit cards and student loans were paid off in large chunks. There doesn’t seem to be any inquiry into this aspect. While it’s not easy to access information, usually in situations such as this, the Media always questions this immediately but this, time, it is not.

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Fourth, how can a contractor for the US government supply Intelligence Agencies with this kind of person? Doesn’t Pluribus International vet their own employees on top of the continuous TSC checks – especially when they deal in the intelligence industry? Where are we at as far as other Pluribus employees working for our government? Shouldn’t they all be removed immediately until further notice? Where is the Department of Justice on this issue? A contractor should not be allowed to continue when one of their employees was a breach in security like Winner. So what is the fate of this contractor?

“She’s an obvious radical that shouldn’t have been working for the government in the first place,” states Laura Ingram to the Fox & Friends people this morning.

In truth, anyone can generate ‘evidence’ as long as they have a computer and access to stamps and stationary. In reality, those documents could have been placed there by someone other than her, but left for her to discovered knowing her vocal proclivities about President Trump. There are any number of scenarios that can debunk the legitimacy of anything she found and leaked.

I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what will go down with this situation but the media’s insane assertion that this somehow leads credence to Comey is more fake machinations of a hysterical media looking to prove a negative.

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