The Wake

A couple of days ago, Brunell Donald-Kyei went on CNN and discussed why she supports Donald Trump – as well as why many of the minority communities also support the Republican nominee. The main thrust was – Broken Promises.

Yes, while the CNN moderator attempted to say things weren’t all that bad; he offered nothing to show an example where the Obama Administration has produced good in the minorities communities. If anything, the downward spiral has escalated under his so-called leadership. President Obama promised many things as a candidate – Hope and Change was believed to be positive. Instead, minorities have suffered more from his policies than even white Middle class, which has suffered greatly as well.

Donald-Kyei, like many Black Americans, has come to the conclusion that Trump is really the only answer in this election to every American’s woe – not just minorities. The current climate isn’t lost on anyone except for Clinton and her wayward devotees whom seem to be lost in some kind of alter universe no one else enjoys.

Crime is up due to lack of means to get gainful employment, wage/cost of living ratio is in severe negatives and you can listen to Sean Hannity any day to ascertain the actual stats, proving the Black Communities in particular have taken huge hits.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump has been touring, visiting and holding rallies in places she would never venture. He has spoken to black churches, town halls and many other venues where even Republican candidates in the past haven’t gone. Therefore, is he resonating?

Given the polls among these demographics, he’s striking chords all over the place! (Mind you, polls skewed towards Democrat favorability yet showing an increase is quite an accomplishment indeed.)

It seems as of last week, Trump is now looking at 23% of Black Voters and some say almost 42% in Hispanic/Latino Voters. He has surpassed his predecessors in the RNC. He has also surged with gaining former Democrats to his side along with new voters whom never voted before.


It’s actually simple. He is one of us.

Sure he may be a billionaire but he doesn’t forget roots. Coming from a family where working up through the ranks rather than being given a ride to the boardroom for free, he has spent his life connecting with everyday people. He hasn’t been ensconced in some Ivory tower like other professional politicians. He’s created a few jobs. He’s walked the walk already. So, in essence, he has more record at actual doing than even Clinton whose spent her entire adult life in so-called public service.

As they say in the military, he has had his ‘boots on the ground’ in the trenches of everyday American lives for over forty years – earning a living and hearing their woes as well as sharing them.

The stark difference between them is not lost on Black Communities whom have suffered under the first African American president. That basic question of “Is your life better off now than it was four-eight years ago?” comes up resoundingly NO! In 2008, $100 bought you a couple weeks of food at Walmart. Today it doesn’t even get you a full week’s worth of groceries. The connection is apparently not lost on people like Donald-Kyei.

While it was cool (and anti-racist) to vote for the first Black president, making historic statements when not weighing in job performance and character, didn’t turn out so hot. It was the great American failed experiment that we now need a leader to fix the mess left in his wake. Intelligent people of all race, ethnicity and creeds are connecting dots now faster than ever because their own experiential journeys demand it. Change has to be implemented if America is going to ever become prosperous again. The track we’re on with TPP and over-regulation has killed our economy. It has caused too many negatives and no positives to speak of.

As we round the corner to the final month of this election race, it is painfully obvious the change America needs is not the propagation of more same failed economic and social legislative madness but a positive new plan that will raise up the population – and regain footing lost eight years ago.

Now, more than ever, Americans of all races need to band together and bring the entire country up rather than chosen few groups. It’s time not to see ourselves as our racial differences – and herald ourselves as Americans. Period. When one person suffers, in essence, we ALL suffer. All for One. One for All. It is our duty as Americans to take care of our fellow Americans, working together to make a change and difference along with Mr. Trump! That’s the difference, Trump wants to work with us and for us, whereas Clinton just wants to rule us. There is a clear, concise difference and the former should be the desired scenario in a Republic; not the latter.

The truth is: We’re all in this together!

Vote responsibly. Get informed!

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