The Vilification of General Michael Flynn

We’ve all seen throughout last Friday the balderdash about General Micheal Flynn’s plea agreement inside the Mueller investigation of some Russian collusion allegations leveled by Democrats. Brian Ross, ABC journalist [sic], known for his past scrapes with faking news issues, was suspended and the network issuing an ‘I’m sorry’ memo to America for the plethora of Fake News propagated by Ross’s report. Sadly, because this action and apology didn’t happen until the the wee hours on Saturday morning, very few people got that information and of course, the stock market took a 305-point nose dive because of the false reports about the so-called Logan Act violations and Flynn’s non-existent agreement to testify against President Trump.

In truth, everything General Flynn did was legal with the exception of a procedural violation of lying to the FBI about his conversation with the Russian ambassador. One must note, during transitions (which was after the election) it is standard protocol for the incoming administration to talk with world leaders. This has been executed for decades and it would’ve raised eyebrows had the Trump Administration not reached out after the election. In fact, the State Department arranged for these meanings, meaning the Obama Administration approved of the exchanges between Flynn and world leaders. There is even video circulating on Twitter, showing the spokesperson verifying Flynn had permission to speak to Russians and any other country.


Many don’t remember but Obama and Romney went to foreign countries and met with world leaders during the election; therefore, Ross’s assertions were preposterous at best. However, it’s just another example (of many) how Democrats are grasping at very short straws to impugn our duly elected president without paying any attention to precedent or standard operating procedures and protocols set in place for decades.

Why did General Flynn lie about his interactions to Vice President Pence? We don’t know exactly but Catherine Herridge from Fox News did state the FBI reviewed his questioning and didn’t find sufficient reason to charge him with lying.

In many ways, this proves only one thing about the Robert Mueller investigation: He has found no Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign. All three indictments were not based on any election situation at all. It’s just another Nothingburger which reveals the huge nothing investigation, filled with leaks, misinformation and no findings of merit.

The real question is this, how did Mueller get the transcripts for these interactions? Simple: A FISA warrant based on a now-debunked Trump Dossier paid for by the FBI/Clinton. This is clearly a Fourth Amendment violation against Flynn’s right to due process. The evidence gathered from said warrant would no doubt be inadmissible, so why did Flynn cop to a deal?

Many people close to Flynn and his family have relayed Mueller ‘broke’ Flynn with harassment and threats against his family. Hence, this is the sole reason he decided to plea out to spare his family and the expense for which he could no longer financially afford to defend.

Now, the question to you is this: We now that we know Mueller and his team’s KGBesque behavior towards every intended target (think Manafort’s early AM raid; guns drawn and all), can we call into question the legitimacy of this investigation? Furthermore, is this the America we want for our children? Law Enforcement bullying people into false admissions due to coercion? This is exactly what happened to Flynn – pure and simple coercion. Is this what we are going to accept in the FBI’s future dealings with the public – law-abiding or not?

Just remember, folks, in the McCarthy era, many were unjustly vilified, harassed and unduly chastised by Muelleresque prosecutors whom were given unfettered authority to do as they wanted — and we rejected this practice. So why are we putting up with it now?

Note, if lying and leaking are such travesties, when is Mueller charging former FBI Director, James Comey? And if everyone’s so upset about Logan Act violations, when are they going after Obama for his Trump-shadow tours throughout Europe and Southeast Asia?

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