The Vilification of Donald Trump

By Thornton Crowe

I guess he’s pretty mad…because in 1988, Trump said he wouldn’t run for president unless he got really upset with the way the country was being run…

In this election over the last weekend, the world has become an onslaught of in-fighting within the GOP, reaching epic proportions with all the ugliness and slander of a gangland fight in Brooklyn. In the center of all the controversy is two candidates that have very different agendas, but when it comes to their opponent, Donald Trump, they have unleashed a vilification that is so Machiavellian it is revolting and turning off voters – not only from them but also, the GOP in general.

We have grown up with Trump. He has been in our lives with much regularity and we are all familiar with him – like him or not. His cavalier approach to life, liberty and riches has dazzled some; while others have been appalled by his provocative attitude. He has been commenting and writing on his views but the world pretty much dismissed him as a celebrity real estate tycoon. Much to surprise, over the last few days, many indications going back to the early Eighties, poised Trump – most likely unknown to him – for this very place in time.

To dispel many of the half-truths and lies about his involvement in politics, Trump has been no stranger to the GOP. He supported and accompanied George H.W. Bush, Sr. in 1988 to the GOP convention. He has been a big opponent of Trade Deals the US has made with China since 1988 – as you watch the below videos, you’ll come to realize, his message hasn’t changed. While the billion dollar figures have doubled, he says the same things now as he did back in the day.

With Oprah in 1988

At the GOP Convention in 1988

Let me start by saying, in the Eighties, I lived in New York City. I was no stranger to Trump’s ever-presence in the Big Apple. No one can avoid the Fifth Avenue Trump Towers, nor was it uncommon to see him in various haunts. With all of his money and fame, he is actually a very approachable person who will talk to people in a very personable manner.

He is opinionated but what New Yorker isn’t? Trump is New York through and through – to some, this is perceived as arrogance. However, New Yorkers of all socioeconomic backgrounds are pretty much in your face.  When a documentary from the Nineties, New York – The Greatest City, interviewed Mayor Koch, he stated succinctly, “New York has thirteen million people in a twelve mile space, people are going to get in your face. They mean what they say and say what they mean.” He went on to tell a story about a guy approaching him in famed yesteryear market, Balducci’s, saying to him, “As a mayor you sucked.” Koch replied, “Well, F*&& You!” That’s just how it is in Manhattan. Everyone communicating in their own strident way.

That being said, for many of the more genteel areas, Trump’s brazen brashness is often taken the wrong way because many have never been to the Big Apple and seen the way New Yorkers interact with one another. One can only speculate that it’s somewhere between Taxi Driver and Sex and the City.

Getting to the nastiness of this primary election cycle… Rubio and Cruz have taken it upon themselves (probably ill-advised by their talking head consultants) to try to take out Trump by playing his rough n’ tumble game. Well, unless you’ve got age, experience and wisdom on your side, good luck on that one, fellows. Trump is an original and unless you have danced on his tune for decades, you are simply out of luck. Even Mitt Romney’s cryptic ode about tax returns seems to have gone backwards on the ill-fated general election loser, because everyone remembers that old Mitt didn’t even release his financial ‘statements’ (not returns) after he had secured the nomination in September 2012. His “there must be a bombshell” was likened to the Gerardo Rivera’s Capone Vault when Trump said he’d be glad to release them after his twelfth audit in twelve years was done.

The suit that makes Trump cool to many, does not fit well on people like the youngster Rubio and his comrade in arms, Cruz. In fact, the jabs all weekend, frankly, looked irreverent to a man who could teach both of them more than a thing or two about life; as they are complete disasters when it comes to their personal finances and ‘sketchy’ real estate deals, sweetheart loans and big corporate ties. Instead, they both look like a couple of kids in the elementary school cafeteria and Trump is either the dad or head coach of the true JV team. They made fools of themselves at the debate and many other things did not go unseen by the audience. For example, Rubio’s pill popping and the handshakes behind Trumps back during breaks when the cameras were still rolling and mikes hot.

Rubio Pill-popping at the Last Debate (February 25, 2016)

When Rubio boldly told half-truths about Polish workers that were actually hired by subcontractors working for Trump in 1980 and chastised him on his tax returns (thanks to all but dead Romney), he dared the audience to Google Trump. Well, that wasn’t such a hot idea considering everyone (including Diamond & Silk) Googled Rubio instead. Oh what a shocker we found — a life full of misappropriation of RNC funds, personal use of RNC credit cards for things like driveways and $130 haircuts along with a variety of stories about his early 90s arrest cruising a gay park in Miami with a friend who now is being indicted on a pornography. Needless to say the images of all-boy foam baths and male burlesque show, did not paint the self-proclaimed immigrant son as the downtrodden, salt of the earth family man he loves to project to voters.

When one digs deeper, Marco Rubio’s life narrative falls apart pretty much more fantastically than Obama’s during his first bid for the presidency. His parents were supposed refugees from Castro, but they must have had some mythical crystal ball as Castro came into power around 1959 and the Rubios left Cuba in 1956. Even though he was born in Florida, both of his parents were Cuban – not obtaining the proper paperwork until 1986, when he was born in 1971. So as you can see, he has led a life of many skeletons which do not include his situation of non-action in the Senate with the exception of the horrible Gang of 8 legislation — a story for another post. Another interesting tidbit is in Florida on March 4th, both he and Cruz have a hearing where a judge is looking into both their eligibility to even be in the presidential race.

Instead of finding Trump’s dirty laundry – which most already know about his affair with Marla and the divorce from Ivana; most people this last weekend found out about salacious underworld Rubio and his drug dealer brother-in-law partake with gay undertones along with the rumored affair with a male DC lobbyist. Not the beautiful little family he carts around the country like a crutch-guise of all things decent.

Getting back to Trump and the vilification. Rubio and Cruz all weekend have commandeered every news outlet to relay their torrid fiction and have tried to trump Trump. They have tied him to the mob as well as the notorious KKK and before the weekend was through, we all expected they’d pull the old anti-Christ out of the hat for good measure.

The worst of the worst for all the media was the Duke situation. For the record, I watched a video by Dr. Duke himself and he DID NOT (repeat DID NOT) endorse Trump for President. While he said he would vote for him, he did not endorse him. Yet the media continues to pose questions to Trump and others in his inner circle about his ‘ties’ to the Duke’s past affiliation. Why this particular endorsement set our two freshman senators aflutter is because Duke was a Klu Klux Klan member over forty years ago. He hasn’t been in the Klan for four decades but, the media loves to continue to forward that black cloud over his head (despite the Clintons and Obama being big supporters of Robert Byrd (D-WV) who was a grand imperial wizard or some nonsense like that for many more decades than Duke).

David Duke Video

So the non-story story was worked into a series of continual inquiries every time Trump talked to a news reporter about his stance on the White Supremacy group and Duke’s fictitious endorsement. Trump ended up disavowing Duke more times than not but yet, when he didn’t want to rush to judgment without thinking it through – as Trump is never on-script – the press along with Cruz, Rubio and Romney chimed in to tackle him like a pile-up at a football scrimmage. It was abysmal to witness and made all involved look awful.

Another stroke of untruth was Cruz on every media show, spewed garbage about Trump’s fictional ‘mob connections’ to anyone willing to listen. (The blood-thirsty biased media was all too willing to comply especially at Fox News.) The funny thing is, Cruz forgot that Rudy Giuliani is Trump’s long time friend and confidante.  The former NY Mayor was a prosecutor who built his public persona as the legal crusader; vigilant in taking down New York crime families. Think John Gotti. Therefore, Cruz makes himself look like a complete idiot.

Sure, anyone in construction in New York has to deal with teamsters but guess what, that’s the law in New York. This is mandatory business procedure because of all the construction and trade unions whom must be used if one is to construct anything in Gotham. Therefore, once again, Cruz looks ridiculous, not to mention highly uninformed for a lawyer.

In a moment of true desperation, Rubio began to insult his audience with jokes about Trump’s genitalia. That’s about as low and degrading as a person can go – and all it did was make Rubio look unpresidential in every way.  Instead, he has not wooed any rise in his polling numbers, which seems to have a ceiling in the low twenties.

One can only imagine him saying this garbage about Putin. He’s liable to get us all nuked. Don’t think anyone wants someone so juvenile to have their hand anywhere near the big red button or dealing with foreign diplomats – whom are no doubt watching this garbage festival go on through every news organization from here to Beijing.

However, with all their jabs and jeers, the one person it was supposed to hurt enjoyed a weekend of his supporters rallying behind him and tossing out onto Twitterverse every misdeed Rubio, Cruz, Romney and the major networks had ever done. They all rallied around him like champs.

Incidentally, Trump gained more voters over the weekend. Staggering numbers in polls — with even long shots. It is reported that 20,000 Massachusetts students went and changed to Republican from Democrat just to vote Trump. Additionally, Cruz entered the weekend with a 15% lead in Texas; today, a poll came out which states he is only leading by 1%. As for Rubio’s Florida, he is trailing by doubt-digits, with the gap widening. Hence, the GOPe hasn’t caught on that the more they sling to Trump, the more he’s perceived as the underdog — and as we know, all Americans’ love their underdogs.

I guess all this mudslinging has only done well for Trump and left the GOPe (and their little lap dog candidates) in the garbage heap while giving many laughs as Trump relays the stories of their jabs to his adoring voters (fans). I guess, this could be a lesson for all those who want to naysay Trump’s ambition to make America great again, that all their fuss has yielded little while only making him more brilliant and appealing to people who are tired of all the DC shenanigans. To Trump voters, it made them dig in and caused many to jump the Rubio/Cruz ships (which they rightly deserve for their atrocious behavior, name-calling and school yard bullying attempts.)

Interestingly enough, while Trump has not actively courting endorsers, many came out to give them. Chris Christie (New Jersey Governor and former presidential opponent), Jeff Sessions (a Senator who has never endorsed a presidential candidate before), Mike Huckabee, Paul LaPage (Maine Governor), Jan Brewer (former Arizona Governor), the heroes from Benghazi (13 Hours) Oz and Tig,  and Herman Cain have all come out to endorse Trump, which has turned the GOPe and Media upside down.

Herman Cain

Chris Christie on Rubio at Trump Rally 2-27-2016

Jeff Sessions Endorses Trump 2-27-2016

Oz & Tig from Benghazi

All I can say is, today’s RESULTS will be much more telling as to just how much Cruz and Rubio helped Trump get more wins under his belt.  

To Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, thanks for the help. Your ignorance is just too much to ignore.  And for, Mr. Trump, I’m sure you’re going to have a very good night.

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