The Trump Train Theme Is Still On Track

Do you not hear what I don’t hear, either?  It’s troubling.  Could it be “the struggle is real” with the music industry?  This 2016 presidential election is one of the most important events of our lifetimes.  Extremely important in shaping our future as a nation.  I find it peculiar they are rather silent when we sure could use them right now.

Where are they?  Are mainstream artists told to stand down? Do contracts prohibit them from speaking out?  Do they fear backlash? Why won’t they give us songs that embrace solidarity, pride, or address the dilemmas we experience?  We are going into the final days of this election and there’s not much out there for us.

We have Hollywood actors and actresses threatening to leave the country if they don’t get their way.  We have sports players making various political statements.  Many citizens are calling for boycotts related to these celebrities.  I, for one, don’t want to hear what these “stars” have to say.  I want to hear messages conveyed in music.  I’m sure I wouldn’t like all of them, especially if they were supporting the other team.  The other team is sure to feel the same.

I appreciate many genres and music has played a big part in my life as I’m sure it has for the majority of folks, no matter the gender, age, or race.  Songs can comfort, relax, motivate, energize, and create bonds.

I’ve always liked Simon and Garfunkel, until the other day.  Now I prefer Garfunkel until I hear him either say he’s for Hillary or against Trump.  Paul Simon performed Bridge Over Troubled Water at the Democratic National Committee.  He didn’t actually endorse Hillary from what I could tell, and I’m hoping it paid well.  Simon and Garfunkel’s song Sounds of Silence is a classic and I feel very fitting for today’s times.  I think it fitting it was also recorded by a band named Disturbed.  I am very disturbed with health of my country.  I am not alone.  Sounds of Silence reminds me of the censorship we experience from MSM, social media, and search engines.

A favorite, Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke from the album Songs in the Key of Life:

Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand
With an equal opportunity
For all to sing, dance, and clap their hands

It’s hard not to sing, dance, and clap to this song!  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called music “the universal language of mankind” and I agree.  Still, some will debate whether it is a universal language or not.

Lines are being drawn in the sand, some folks have their heads in the sand, I prefer my Toes in the sand, like Zac Brown.

Where are the voices we have come to know?  Their signature styles bringing fresh material relevant to current events?  I feel they have let us down.  The seventies conjured up several songs that became classics and were related to what troubled America was feeling then.  Where are OUR songs?  We need them now.

Some may recall the “feud” between The Dixie Chicks and Toby Keith.  Leave it to country music to create controversy.  We don’t necessarily need feuds.  There is enough of that.  We need songs.  And, if country music wanted to tackle it, Hillary has given them a shitload of material.  Some would say the same of Trump, but I say Hillary takes the cake hands down.

We had Usher use the stage to convey his message – but no song I’m aware of – by coming out against Donald Trump.  He also wants to fill your closet with Trump related merchandise, by the way.  John Legend has had some hateful comments, in my opinion, against Trump.  Personally, I’ve lost respect, although I have liked his music.

Barbra Streisand has threatened to leave the country when Trump wins, but I don’t know that she has sang a song about it.  She’s preoccupied with Apple’s Siri “mispronouncing her name and trying to correct the record like her friend Hillary does.  Perhaps her name could just be deleted from Siri’s vocabulary.  Problem solved.  Perhaps ask Tim Cook to rub some BleachBit on it?  If that doesn’t work, have Siri practice by listening to Duck Sauce’s song.

I’ll leave you with some tunes I’ve found. Some popular before the election and repurposed, some made DURING this time and FOR this time in our lives.  Seems the Trump Train theme has stayed on track from the name of these tracks

These would make great ringtones…..

The Trump Train, by unknown

Trumpified, by Scott Isbell

People All Over The World Join Hands Start A Trump Train

Trump Train, by The TRUMPetts

Trump Train, by Wesley Michael Hayes and Outlaw Territory

My Dog’s a Democrat

#HandCuffHillary (Ode to Crooked Hillary), by Norman Smith

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 (JUMP 4 TRUMP!), by Norman Smith–vJ6dcEyQ

Crooked Hitlary – Crooked Hillary Clinton Theme Music, by Ziplok

If you have any to share please post in comment section.  You never know whose day you will make brighter!  Thanks.


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