The Trump Economy: Segment I

Another month where jobs were added… 220,000 jobs were added in June and months before more jobs – and the stock market continues to hit new highs almost weekly. We’ve jumped by leaps and bounds but the Liberals are still complaining.

What’s the Democrats problem? Do they not want Americans working and enjoying prosperity? It would seem so…

In the months after his swearing in, President Trump’s economy has been on a steady incline. We’ve seen consumer confidence come springing back, the markets doing well, lower gas prices and more jobs! The economy is a good indication of how a president is being perceived by more than just the market but also the people! It’s almost like having a happy glip in your stride.

Sweet crude oil [trading] price has reduced substantially since it’s $55.00 a barrel days. Now, the trending figure is more like $44.00 per barrel. What does this mean for Jack and Jane America? Plenty. Gas prices pretty much effect the rest of the economy because a) when fuel prices are down, goods are cheaper to transport meaning less cost to the consumer and b) people spend more money on traveling, which correlates to more buying all the way around. Hence, the consumer-driven supply and demand becomes more apparent to the causal economist. The end result is many are seeing gas going for under $2.00 a gallon throughout the country. *Note: there are still price gougers out there who are still raping consumers for over $2.10 per gallon. Perhaps that’s a situation someone in the Trump Administration should investigate because the price per barrel doesn’t justify their continued high pricing. 

Don’t bother to find graphs indicating good trends — because it’s the last thing ‘they’ want you to know!

As we’ve seen these increases, the Media has not told you about them. Instead, they’ve continued their obsessions on Russian dressing stories and Twitter controversies – completely ignoring the many good things that have happened since President Trump took office. One could guess the last thing they want to promote is the president least likely to succeed is actually winning on all fronts.

One cannot help but notice the changes — it seems that everything – including people’s demeanors – have changed drastically – and better yet, they’re buying again. Everything from homes to cars to things they’ve put off for months (and sometimes years). This is a sign we are in better times in spite of what our idiot boxes tell us.


It can’t be ignored because it goes on all around us. And while the naysayers like Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi continue to poo-poo these great advancements for Americas, we have to look at the real facts and wonder, just whose side they’re on.

Under Obama, our economy, markets and relations throughout the world were gravely impacted. We lost respect from the world theater due to his incessant need to ‘apologize’ for America’s greatness and innovation. Additionally, our markets floundered in spite of the Federal Reserve purposely keeping the interest rate at zero. Why? Because Obama’s policies were killing America in every way possible!

Now that Americans have a president they know is on their side, the whole tenor of our country has changed. In spite of the best efforts by BLM and ANTIFA, Americans are generally happier – less angry and more friendly towards one another. Sure, you always run up against someone who is never going to be happy with anything every once in awhile, but the general overall feeling in America is much different than under Obama.

So what does it say about the Democrats?

Well, a lot for starters. They have proven themselves to be the leaders of anti-America and therefore, most people don’t get warm fuzzies when thinking about them. Instead, as shown above, Americans are resonating with Trump more and more as they watch their personal fortunes improve and their lives embettered by his governance. While we can’t directly see all the changes in our lives, we feel it – and so do the Liberals. Hence, why they’re so insinged by Trump’s audacity even more.

This prosperity runs completely counter to any doomsday they predicted and frankly, it ticks them off. Liberals, it seems, are always angered by Americans enjoying themselves – much like that jealous sibling who is never satisfied and wants you to not be satisfied either.

You have to admit, it is much nicer having money to do what you want and need for your families. Having a job that is befitting your skills and paying you a decent wage – always makes you feel better (generally speaking). Therefore, are you going to buy into the idiot box ideology?

With Trump’s governance, we can only expect our good fortunes to increase as time goes forward. Don’t know about the rest of you — but I’m still not tired of winning!

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