The Trump Card

Try as they might, you just can’t keep an average citizen down… Donald Trump is no exception.

He holds above and beyond the 1237 delegates needed to secure his nomination as the Republican nominee for president, yet many are still trying to discredit and vilify him to the voting public.

We’ve heard of Mitt Romney’s insanity as he still plots some huge coup at the Republican Convention. All too familiar political pundits such as George Will and Bill Kristol have left the GOP in protest, not to mention the Bushes’ claim they will skip the convention. Even the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s off-color predictions should Trump secure the presidency were unprecedented. The largest hate racist group in America, Black Lives Matter receives the stamp of approval from Obama and Clinton despite their spewed garbage and untruths about Trump and others before him. To make matters even more compelling are the Republicans on the Hill like Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI) who have spoken out against him in a Machiavellian fashion. In spite of all of this, what has it really accomplished?

Nothing above has proven to dissuade voters. In fact, it continues to anger more and more Americans and brought Trump even greater support. Why?

It’s simple. Polls denote many people have made up their mind for Trump. The exit¬†polls during the primary were demonstrative of Trump’s fiercely loyal voting base with some who have jumped the Democrat ship to sign up for Donald J. Trump. This type of loyalty doesn’t come easily, especially in the world of politics where people are often fickle about their party affiliations. Donald Trump is not the only person to switch from one party to another. Hillary Clinton was once a Republican and Barry Goldwater supporter. Even our most honorable and highly respected Ronald Reagan changed from Democrat to Republican.

Many hold Romney responsible for the continuance of four more years of Obama. This is a hurdle many cannot coalesce into reason or support, justified or not. Romney damaged the RNC’s brand and it took voters putting Republicans in control of the House in an attempt to usurp Obama’s destruction of America. We all know that failed miserably, due to Congressmen like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan who did not and have not stood their ground.

With blatant lies surrounding the recent revelations of mishandled classified information; as well as, the Benghazi hearings by the Democrat Nominee, Trump supporters are digging in even more to support their candidate. Additionally, with Sander’s big sellout, a lot of his former supporters are looking to Trump to pick up where Bernie dropped them off. Trump supporters have remained steadfast and even welcoming of Bernie’s wounded refugees over to the camp where only law and order by a competent government rules.

Dallas disproved the BLM myth and exposed its hypocrisy and irrelevance. They disproved it was nothing more than a domestic terrorist group promoted by criminal candidates. Their exposure to average Americans only galvanizes Trump’s truculence against lawlessness. Terrorist groups and corrupt candidates have also emboldened voters to go forth and vote for the person who stands for restoration rather than destruction of America’s fabric and sense of common morality.

All these subgroups of dissidence, rather Republican or Democrat, have only served to make people fight harder for America. You would think some would have learned by the seventeen contenders in the primaries that going up against Trump is no small matter. His leadership stems from fighting for the country he loves. So, he does not hesitate to give a public smack down, marginalize their thinking and toss it into the irrelevant pile by the minute.

While everyone is entitled to their own political opinion and stance, it cannot be ignored that Trump has shocked and amazed many during the primaries. He did this by telling truths that many have not wanted to hear. I’d expect nothing less from his general election campaign.

I would think most of us Trumpsters would agree he may not be a savvy politician but he certainly has demonstrated he understand what is going on in this world and that we must make changes quickly. He may make more mistakes than seasoned professionals but he is transparent and you can count on him to tell it like it is. He is brash, outspoken and quick on returns for ill-mannered opponents. He’s not perfect but his ability to identify with the same thinking as “We the people” is why we trust him. Clue: No one is perfect. In the political clandestine world, this is a shocker for those who’ve made their lives at being disingenuous. What we have here is an American Patriot willint to fight to make our country better than ever before and for every American. Nothing more than putting America first.

There’s some debate on Trump’s party stance, but Laura Ingraham put it best when she said “Trump doesn’t look at the world or issues the way politicians do — he uses his own moral compass to ascertain his stances.”

He uses common sense to dictate problem resolution without a thought to is this Republican or is this Democrat. There’s no lines of division and this is very likable to average American voters. We all have ideological stances that conflict with both parties, but we have more fits with one verses another.

While some of the Republicans scoff at his brazen, non-PC milieu, it is shockingly appealing to most Americans of ALL races. He transcends the racial and socioeconomic lines with his views because he’s one of us. The only difference separating average Americans and Trump is his willingness to go against the socially acceptable dialogue and tell it like it is. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to admit, he’s a hero for doing so and standing up to many who were in the race for themselves.

Looking at Trump’s family, it’s clear he’s been a loving husband and father; even his ex-wives have supported his candidacy. His ability to bring people together in times of conflict stands out with his divorces and while purists will argue the point, the fact is statistically speaking, Trump’s divorces are more the norm in American culture than not. He wins because he surrounds himself with the very best experts. He should take credit for that because that is what a true leader is recognized for. At the end of the day, Trump is a unique individual who doesn’t really know how to ‘work’ the voters to gain their votes. His ability to just be himself is a refreshing change for many who stay engaged in politics. He’s just a man who got fed up like the rest of us, but instead of sitting on his couch, screaming at the television, he got up and put his fortune to good use.

Trump’s heart and selfless goals are easy for people to spot once they get past the subterfuge of the others and their misguided thinking by the media. Most everyday folks not only see this, they respect it and are more than willing to go the full nine to defend his right to be our next president!

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