The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It


The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption & Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It

By Eric Bolling
Fox News Contributor and Host of The Specialist
Former Host of FNC’s The Five & Cashing In

St. Martin’s Press (2017)

The Swamp is a great collection of Swamp thing stories spanning American History. In this collection of anecdotes from both contemporary and historic times, author Eric Bolling weaves a brilliant tale of how the Swamp came to be along with how it’s gotten worse with each passing year since the Framers’ days.

An interesting read for many readers with different interests, it touches on the history of DC’s corruption and how it came to be, starting with Jefferson and Adams. Bolling investigates the historical review and compares it to the contemporary situations we’ve all witnessed, drilling down with each president and their contribution and battles against the DC Swamp. Told much in tongue and cheek humor, he also takes a hard look at how the Framers’ visions differed from the government we have today.

For those seeking historic view, this book is a must-read because it exemplifies the true nature in both Houses and the White House. It tells stories of congressmen having ‘cane fights’ on the floor of the House to the dirty underbelly of lobbying. Yes, you will learn how and why politicians and their cronies get rich at the taxpayer’s expense while feeding us lies during the election cycles.

Bolling has done much of the historian’s research in ferreting out the interesting and entertaining tales of our past legislators as well as their unseemly behaviors in DC. He boils down the continuous duck and cover so many of our politicians perform when tasked why things only seem to get worse inside the Beltway, not better. This book would be banned by all of our over-bloated government if the First Amendment ever was abolished because it tells the truth about the political elite. It unmasks their ugliness filled with corruption and greed while taking no prisoners.

Bolling also points out succinctly the Framers’ belief that our representatives were never supposed to be full time jobs, but people from the different districts whom came to DC to represent the communities they worked in! Hence, the reason for the long recesses. He reminds readers the truth behind the Constitution and why the government was set up in the structure it’s supposed to adhere to — something lost over time and educational system indoctrination filled with misinformation and flat out fallacies.

His suggestions to President Trump about how he can drain the Swamp is basically to not forget who he is and go back to 1787 – the period when our Constitution was ratified and adopted as the ruling law in America. Bolling also accentuates the long held belief of why the GOP establishment and Liberals are so unhinged at the Trump presidency and the audacity of us (the voters) for putting him in charge of our American Corporation.

Another great astounding aspect of The Swamp is Bolling tying his own past life as a broker on the exchange into his analysis of strategies for fixing the DC issue. He also utilizes this experience when explaining how some ‘stories’ politicians give are so far fetched they are simply unbelieveable. For example, Hillary Clinton’s claim to have good luck in the cattle market — Bolling quickly debunks her good luck and proves the financial gains was merely a bribe to a wife of a former Attorney General of Arkansas; showing the quid-pro-quo the Clintons became so famous for, in clear view.

In addition to the Clintons, Bolling also sheds light on the Oliver North situation with the Iran Contra situation, Nixon’s Watergate and how he became so paranoid along with the Media’s complicity in creating the Swamp. His stories not only provide historic understanding but also explanations of how one hand washes the other within the Beltway.

A fantastic addition to any political and/or historical book collection for those interested in finding out just what the Swamp is and how Trump and the American voters can conquer it together! The Swamp is a must-read and well worth the time as readers gain a considerable education into our government and how corruption has permeated much of its central core.


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