The Short Kiss Goodbye…

Everyone is in an uproar over the firing/resignation of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci but has anyone bothered to wonder, was his job finished in just ten days?

Could it be some salaciously embarrassing tidbits in his pending divorce from his pregnant estranged wife? Was it the whole New Yorker incident where he was caught supposedly off-record by a reporter poised to damn anything Trump? Is it the fact that he’s too much like the Commander in Chief that it thought best, only one New York Alpha Male was enough for 1600?

The possibilities of why are endless…but to speculate and conjecture is a huge waste of time when we’re not on the inside of the situation and may never be invited!

Sure he left his businesses – at least, that’s what we’re led to believe – and he uprooted his New York life to go to DC to be on the White House staff, but the fact is, in ten days he accomplished a lot.

First, he got leakers scared. No one heard a peep from the White House’s nefarious underbelly of leaks and information leads to the press. It seemed all was quiet on the DC front as plugs were springing up all over the terrain at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Second, Reince Priebus quickly exited from the Chief of Staff and General Kelly moved over from DHS to take over the helm of the White House staff. As many of you know, that surgical extraction would have caused quite a stir with the GOPe should Trump had replaced Priebus flat out. However, with the outing for his leaking activities through the Mooch, the writing was on the wall.

This leaves one to wonder if Mooch was always a short-term solution to a long term thorn… He certainly moved needles during his brevity and yet, no one seems to grasp this fact.

Sure he had the mouth of a sailor and was unruly with press and staff, but in the end, the main objective may have always been getting out a cancerous spot within the White House that was causing the President more harm than good.

We will never know the truth unless Scaramucci decides to cash in and write a book or consult a movie on his ten-day tenure. Speculation will run rampant because of who the President is more than Scaramucci as a national character.

It was a short run but no all jobs are meant to last forever… Some would say Scaramucci will become an urban legend in his own right, so why should we let this momentary blip in time hold any significance other than to thank him for outing someone we all had problems with being in the administration to begin with? Thanks, Mooch for giving Reince the boot!

At the end of the day, all we can do is trust our President!

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