The Russians Did It!

Now the DNC is running for the blame game, trying to divert voters from the email contents as they make claims Putin did it for Trump!

Ridiculous as this sounds, it’s true. Many including Hillary Clinton in her big 60 Minutes interview on Sunday are trying hard to contain the damage caused by the massive dump of e-mails by the infamous Wikileaks organization.

Now even the FBI is chiming in with this sentiment, but who can we trust, the very organization that passed on criminal charges against Clinton’s nefarious private server and re-tooling classified tags to subvert our National Security?

It seems a bit hard to swallow. Why would they care at this point if not for a way to divert people’s attentions away from the real meat in the emails. Yes, people have suspected everything the emails revealed for a while now – and yes, they’re upset. We were all already upset about this apparent slant that quashed Sanders or gave him a real shot.

The fact is, the emails are not only legitimate, they’re seriously damaging as they show the obvious collusion between the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Media elite to coronation of Ms. Clinton as the nominee while sabotaging Bernie Sanders (and disenfranchising his many voters.)

In their response, WikiLeaks has made it clear no one knows who their ‘source’ is and refer to another situation where they were wrongful accused of being a part of an association.

The choice is up to voters who have the ultimate vote to either believe WikiLeaks or Clinton, but it does seem like a 1950s Cold War fear-mongering that caused many people a lot of heartache, including Joe McCarthy.

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