The REAL Donald J. Trump on Finances

By Thornton Crowe

Many in the Conservative community have complained that they have no clue about Donald Trump’s take on finances and job creation. Everyone says he wavers and doesn’t seem to have any idea of what he’s doing. Yet, in 1991, he was invited to speak to the House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues. He was asked to talk about his experience and the state of the country’s failing economy in the early 90s. He succinctly explains the issues as well as the reason why government really needed to do something to undo the reforms that were passed in 1986.

You can view his statements for yourself. He explains business in fifty-five minutes. If you want to be informed voters, you must look to the old to discern for yourself. The mainstream media will never tell you the truth. Only things like this will demonstrate Trump’s consistency throughout the DECADES about how to bolster the economy.

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