The RAISE ACT: Smart Legislation for Modern America!

Smart Immigration needs to return to America. Ever since the post-Ellis Island Days, our immigration laws have progressively become so relaxed, many immigrants come to America only to become cogs in our welfare system instead of assimilating and becoming contributing members of our communities throughout the country. Sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA), the Raise Act is a merit-based applicant system for legal immigration to American.

The Raise Act brings us back full circle to the goals and drives we held prior to the laissez faire existence we have now regarding our immigration policies. In simple terms, the Act promotes the following for immigration preference to the US.

  • Speak English.
  • Have a skill or education to contribute our workforce.
  • Prevents immigrants from being able to come here and immediately collect Welfare benefits.


Meaning, you can’t just come here to get on the government dole. You need to be able to contribute to our society in a meaningful way. No more anti-assimilation to American culture and values. The new immigrants will have to ascribe to our way of living – not the other way around.

This is not to say we won’t have enclaves of people, living with traditions from their home countries, but it does promote and acceptance and embrace of our values and cultures, too. For far too long, Americans have been expected to only recognize other cultures at the expense of our own. And yes, we do have an American culture, just as rich as any others on earth; therefore, this policy seeks to preserve it.

Of course, people like CNN’s Jim Acosta like to play dumb and spout off, as Stephen Miller termed, “Cosmopolitan bias” when he did his press conference yesterday at the White House. They had a heated face-off but it was duly deserved because Acosta, once again like any dedicated liberal, misquoted and took things out of context without regard to truthfulness or merit.

The exchange only demonstrates what we can expect from the liberal bias media in the months to come as this legislature makes its way through Capitol Hill.

With any luck, this bill will be made into law of the land because, unlike other legislature we’ve seen during the Obama era, this actually makes practical sense and will go far to protect not only American workers but also immigrants who come here seeking to live a prosperous alongside us. It is smart legislation that we should demand from DC all the time!

It goes without saying President Trump fully supports the Raise Act because it puts Americans First! Most right thinking Americans will agree with the President’s hearty assessment and it will have the People’s backing — let’s just hope the legislative branches will get their thoughts out their purses and back to where focus should be — the American People!

The following is the actual bill for your review:

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