The Problem with Donald Trump!

Solving the riddle of all the Trump-Hate…

It seems like now days, every time we turn around some Democrat or Media person or Republican or political pundit is bashing the President without mercy. No matter what he achieves the malcontent class is quick to jump on him and beat him to a pulp in the press, seemingly enjoying their sadistic behavior. This last week, Dick Durbin (D-IL), a senator known for not being truthful, came out and made a claim the President, in a private meeting about DACA, referred to several countries as ‘shitholes’.

Mind you, others in that same meeting like Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) have denied the claim on several news show; however, misfits like failed president candidate Mitt Romney and disgruntled Senator Jeff Flake are having none of it. Like maggots on dead meat, both are relentlessly trying to public shame the President for something he did not even say — quite rich considering both of their histories with off-color remarks, one of which was partly responsible for Romney losing in 2012. Remember that nice little 47% remark where Romney acted as if he was better than ‘some’ voters?

History in the Presidency

Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt, history shows us, presidents are usually groomed for the position. They rise up the political ranks, paying their dues with each elected office, until there comes a time where they reach out for the brass ring of the much coveted position – the Presidency.

With FDR, he was careful to follow in Theodore Roosevelt’s footsteps, even going so far as to marrying a woman he didn’t love just because of her relation to Teddy. It is not a long held secret that FDR never actually served in a command post while he was in the Navy. Instead, he held an obligatory managerial position. He also followed the footsteps by becoming New York’s governor when Al Smith ran for President. Yes, he was careful to follow the footsteps to the White House.

As with any other president since, there was a sense of decorum, rules that led one to the Oval Office until…

Along came Donald Trump…

A businessman, real estate developer from New York City, whom by all accounts had rebuffed suggestions since the Eighties to run for any elected office. Even in his 1989 interview with Oprah, she asked him explicitly if he would run for President and his response was lukewarm at best. Let’s face it, Mr. Trump made a lot of money and enjoyed a life many can only dream of – therefore, most political circles really didn’t seem him as a serious contender. In fact, ten years ago, if you asked anyone on Capitol Hill if they could foresee a Trump presidency, they would’ve laughed at you. (And perhaps may still laugh even now.)

All of the sudden on that hot day in June of 2015, he came down the escalator in Trump Towers, changing history forever. He unpinned almost a century-old tradition of fetching and crawling the way to just run for president. He didn’t fetch anyone’s coffee at some congressional office, he didn’t even hold an elected office as a dog catcher. In a flash, he was running for the most important position in the country – and the world.

Dastardly Election Turmoils

All through the campaign we saw the myriad of temper tantrums and jousts, which candidate Trump took with a surly demeanor. In most cases, he proved he was not one to be picked on without the contender expecting some serious counter punches and jabs. He was un-politically correct and for most Americans, this was a refreshing change from the button up life under the Obama Regime filled with lies and deceptions.

Like in 1980, Americans were looking to break away from the status quo and the depressing sentiments. They wanted fresh and bold ideas as well as someone who would carry through. Donald Trump filled that bill.

After defeating 17 other candidates in a contemptuous primary, he went on to pulverize the Clinton Machine, filled with fixes and corruption — some of which we are still discovering as the DOJ reopens investigations into much of the Clintons’ affairs – personally and through their Clinton Foundation dealings.

We learned from Wikileaks, the Clinton Machine believed beyond doubt that Hillary would be the next president. They also had the media also beating that same tom-tom. On Election Day 2016, they said a poll showed her at 97% chance of becoming the next president. (A bullet many are glad was polled wrong!)

Most of us voters waited up to all hours of the morning on November 9th, to find out in the wee hours that Donald Trump had won. A collective relief washed across much of the nation because we all knew the alternative and it wasn’t pretty. Foolishly, we also believed once the election was over, normalcy would return to our world. Were we ever wrong…

Ever since that fateful day in November 2016, it’s been a complete cluster with everyone attacking the President for the most ridiculous fodder, while he set to work to Make America Great Again. (What we voted for him to do!)

The Here Now

The problem with this continual squabbling and rebel raising is it’s keeping our nation divided. Folks like Flake and Romney along with their buddy Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are demonstrating that even the Republicans would rather the country fail just so they have a moment to publicly scold us for daring to elect the ultimate outsider.

The problem now is he’s actually doing a great job. President Trump has traveled throughout the world, establishing a majestic cadre to our country which was lost in the sea of apology tours and cowing down to this country and that country. Furthermore, he has brought ISIS to heel and in very short order after hearing for the last eight years we would have to ‘get used to living in terror.’

Immediately upon his election, he brought the US Markets back online from their flat line for almost 8 years straight. Taking it off life support and letting it free to grow some 7,000 points on the Dow Industrial Average alone. He’s been kicking it and the economy has responded with great enthusiasm to the likes we haven’t seen since the Eighties.

Prosperity has returned so why do all the malcontents continue to keep complaining and bashing as if the last year had been a complete failure?


They are as jealous as they can be that President Trump rose to his position with what seems like not much effort. Their absolute, unadulterated hate and disdain for Trump and America First, they cannot see straight. They are livid beyond repair!

Flake, Romney and all the rest of the political elite class on both sides of the aisle and in front of the cameras in newsrooms across America, cannot get over – even a year later – that President Trump is actually making America great again and  loved by people who couldn’t care less what he says or does because we see the results!

Yes, he’s making them look really bad as he got the best Tax Bill we’ve seen since 1981 passed and signed into law. They seethe with animosity because to them, he didn’t pay his dues. They feel he doesn’t deserve to be our President and they spend their mornings, noons and nights dreaming up ways to rub their jealousy in our faces.

In many ways, ladies and gentlemen, they are trying desperately to shame us – yes, you and me – for ever voting for him. Their beef is not just with President Trump, their axe to grind is with us. Hence, why they aren’t doing anything to make the country prosper again until we repent and go back to the Swamp way of being.

America is prospering solely because one billionaire gave up his life of luxury to save our country from despair. And serious, folks, that just pisses them all off!

If this is what we get for wanting to make our lives better then bring it on… I’m sure I don’t speak alone, I’ll take the heat!

Check out the Crowenation Interview on The Borum Forum this afternoon:

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