The NEW Candidate: Cruzich

By Thornton Crowe

By now, everyone knows that Ted Cruz and John Kasich, mathematically eliminated from their campaigns for the Republican ticket, have decided to perpetrate collusion by pooling together their efforts in order to, as always, Stop Trump!

Ridiculous as it seems, just when you thought this election couldn’t get any more juvenile and insidious, leave it to the tag team Cruz/Kasich to come in like Dumb

and Dumber to try to ruin the day further. They just don’t seem to have the sense to realize they’re done. Kasich only won Ohio by a thin margin and he’s come in second in a handful of states and Cruz has been playing footloose with the rules in order to steal delegates, thereby circumventing the voters. Voters are done with both Kasich and Cruz but they continue on and on without end.

In reality, Cruz and Kasich are making utter fools of themselves. They look insane given both of their situations. Next to Trump, they have done absolutely nothing memorable and both toot lies about their records, which most have found out through a little internet leg work.

Dumb & Dumber AKA Ted Cruz & John Kasich
Dumb & Dumber AKA Ted Cruz & John Kasich

Recap in brief, Cruz has had the audacity to criticize New York values while voting against 9/11 victims aid; along with Sandy victims aid after the hurricane while in the Senate. He has proven his allegiance to the establishment by forwarding Gang of 8, the same bill that caused Rubio a great distress when he was still in the race. He has been on the wrong side of China and Mexico trade for which hundreds of thousands of jobs have been ripped away from the US market and shipped overseas.

With Kasich, you have pretty much the same meme; only difference is Kasich hasn’t really done anything close to what his dippy trippy commercials have tooted on about incessantly. Example, he says he created jobs in Ohio yet, neglects to tell voters about the hundred that have been shipped overseas due to his own support of the Transpacific legislature. He also doesn’t relay the fact that while he states Ohio is just oh so great to live, he supports Obamacare and is ready to cut granny’s social security checks – mind you, granny paid into the system for her whole life on an involuntary basis so in essence, it’s her money not an ‘entitlement.’

Both have horrible records and yet have the audacity to say they can beat Hillary Clinton. All based on a poll that came out in December. They don’t bother to tell voters in recent polls, Trump beats Clinton hands down and across all voting parties not just Republicans.

Now the two losers have pooled their efforts to no doubt, produce a bigger lose. Brilliant. And all telling the voters they don’t count. We’ll see how that works out for them.

Also tomorrow should be a brilliant display of who the voters want as Trump leads every state in double digits against both. In some cases, even if they put their percentages together, they still wouldn’t equal Trump’s percentage lead. All I can do is shake my head at their insanity and wonder why aren’t they in a padded cell in an insane asylum.

Thanks for reading to my rant.  Good Day.

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