The Media and Democrats have lied so many times…

Why would any right-minded citizen believe them again?

It’s widely known American Media has been against Donald Trump since he announced his presidency in June 2015. We’ve all heard the stories, the lies, the upset and seen the unadulterated hate the Media has for our President, so when they state the Democrats have some kind of advantage in 2018, why would we ever believe them?

Their agenda has been far from oblique, it’s been about the only thing transparent since the Trump Administration. Yet, these media puppets seem to believe when they tell us garbage in their polls and such, that Democrats will have any kind of leeway in the next election cycle.

History may not repeat itself this time, so where does that leave the Democrats in 2018?

Traditionally, the midterms have seen power change hands in the House and Senate but this time, we may find a new day dawning. With the massive tax reform passing without one Democrat vote for the working people, why would anyone want to vote for people who don’t care about them?

Democrats love to believe in the historic figures for midterms but they forget they haven’t signed on to anything that’s made Trump’s presidency a great success. In fact, they’ve done everything in their power to disavow the President and the People he has served well. Remember, again, not one Democrat voted for the Tax Reform which will put billions back into the consumers’ pockets – making this Christmas a very good one given the number of companies who can finally afford to give back to their employees. Democrats prefer to ignore these good things and opt for pontificating doom and gloom!

The media lapdogs love to pile on, acting as if their reign of influence is as it was in yesteryear but the proof is in actions and results now. No one is buying the media and frankly, they look ridiculous with their continual onslaught of insults not only against President Trump but everyone who voted for him.

Even the Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol have become irrelevant in the national conversation because of his hatred towards the common man being elected to the prized position of President. Many Never-Trumpers like Mitt Romney are vilified with every tweet – and their disdain for these pundits has become so entrenched, it would be a seriously hard sell for any of them to regain an elected office.

It’s their own doing, as I’ve said before. Their hatred for Trump has blinded them from the fact he is doing what he promised and bringing back America from eight long years of socialism as we careened down the path to globalism. It is a breath of fresh air to finally see a man who is not a politician, but one who is doing what the People need in order to live their lives with minimal government interference.

If the Democrats want to foolishly believe they have a chance in 2018, I guess it’s their prerogative but seeing what we’ve seen over the last year, their resurgence will not come any time soon. For crying out loud, they don’t even have a true leader of their party. Therefore, they’re just wishing on stars!

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