The Lynch Stonewall

By Thornton Crowe

Democrats are the biggest obstruction to the right workings of our country…

Watching the House of Representatives Judicial Committee hearing today, featuring Attorney General Loretta Lynch, it became abundantly clear — the Democrats are completely unconcerned about the safety of Americans.

Sadly, while Republicans were attempting to get answers so many Americans have been clamoring for since July 5th, the Democrats were too busy diverting and subverting as they obstructed the hearings. With nonsense about ASCAP/BMI publishing royalties, gun control and Black Lives Matters propaganda, they collectively scoffed at citizens knowing the truth about the breach in our National Security perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and her staff while she was Secretary of State.

We all know some of the damage exacted by her carelessness as  we lost four men in Benghazi. However, everyone in the hearing other than Republicans didn’t seem to care about Americans’ safety or interested in protecting our assets throughout the world. Instead, they called two 15 minutes recesses to answer to House business where Democrats continued throwing tantrums on the Floor about gun control.

It became a contest of wills…

In between the recesses and serious questions leveled by Republicans, Democrats made a mockery of our congressional hearing system, to the point, one rep commented he missed Eric Holder. Quite a demonstrative statement considering their proclivities towards the former Attorney General. By the end of the last recess, we were lucky no more Democrats returned to the hearing!

Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) both were unable to get her to answer the most basic questions.  Given Gowdy’s glare, while he didn’t appear to be as truculent with Lynch as he was with FBI Director James Comey last Thursday, he was unamused by the obstruction going on in front of him. Furthermore, Chaffetz told Greta Van Susteren on her show, On The Record, it was frustrating. Darrell Issa (R-CA) also questioned AG Lynch to no avail was unable to crack her political cape. In the most truculent way, she even challenged language of hypotheticals, claiming it ‘dependent on the situation.’ Pat answers replaced what any good attorney would cite as questions containing generalized but solid case law.

While Gowdy and Chaffetz realize Americans have lost faith in the American Justice System, it seems the Democrats don’t understand and/or much less care what we think as the voting public.

As for Lynch’s damaged credibility, she failed miserably in any effort to explain or restore the faith in the Department of Justice. Though she seemed unconcerned, one congressman scolded her, telling her that she will be judged by her legacy and indiscretion.

Congressman David Trott (R-MI) started his questioning, stating that he knew she was stonewalling because his aid kept track of her times to refuse answering question and the number was 74 times. Yes, 74 times she flat out refused to give any answers at all, even simple ones on the laws involved in the investigation. In spite of Clinton being the focus of an investigation, Lynch admitted twice to accepting Bill Clinton’s request to board her plane that day in Phoenix even though the optics suggests collusion and casts a shadow of serious doubt to her impartiality.

Even when Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) accused her stonewalling, she just stared at him as if it was of no concern to her. Politics prevailed in her sham performance.  Americans’ questions didn’t matter. Thus, she proved she has no concern nor interest in what Americans think. As the charade continued, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) called her down for her dereliction of duty as it was her responsibility to make the decision based on law regardless of recommendations by the FBI as well as refusing to recuse herself. Most agreed that Comey was more willing to answer to his decision where she refused.

Clearly Clinton was given special consideration.

Question: Don’t the people in public service understand they work for us?

All in all, we got what we expected out of the hearing – even the congressmen were not surprised by her subterfuge. They all realized she wasted their time and had no intention of telling them the truth. This in and of itself is flirting very close to the line as some call her an obstructionist.

We shall see what happens with the perjury and word on the street, the other on-going investigations are rumored to be much bigger than the security breaches with the email server. Hence, this was the small fry kicked to the curb to make room for the big enchilada. Only time will tell. Hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Until then, all voters in this important election must contemplate before voting for anyone: If the Democrats on the Hill are so truculent about Americans wanting answers to their concerns about their safety and the our country’s security, do they really deserve to be our representatives?

It should be interesting to note, in a poll taken by the Washington Post / ABC denotes  56% of Americans do not agree with the decision to not indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified information.

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