The Lynch Clinton Affair

This last week much has been said about the nefarious meeting between Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton at an Arizona air strip. Two paths that were not supposed to cross, came together under a guise they were speaking about golf and grandchildren. Can we believe this?

Ethically, Lynch has crossed the legally acceptable lines which has proffered horrible optics, filled with corruption, collusion and deception. For this, not only should she step down as AG (or at least, recluse herself) but also calls for a disbarment. Clearly, this conflict of interest considering the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s on-going investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email misstep along with the Clinton Foundation, which the former president is also a suspect is out of step with everything the legal community holds dear in such situations. Her lack of candor is remarkable and I dare say we wouldn’t have known about this situation had it not been for a reporter who happened to be on site at the time.

Yesterday, the presidential candidate was questioned for three and half hours by the FBI for her email situation. On a holiday weekend, this seems quite extraordinary considering everyone in government usually takes full advantage of three-day weekends regardless the state the country’s in at any given moment.

Coincidence? For one whom doesn’t believe in coincidences, I shall say NOT!

We’ve been hearing for months about this investigation. Much conversation with legal, military, government experts and political talking heads has provided hours of mainstream media optics about the subject and how she should be indicted for her crimes. Yet, Clinton had not been brought in for questioning until now.

Not being known for honesty, no doubt, in such an interview, she is more likely to continue her campaign talking points rather than give the FBI any essence of truth about her motives for housing a server in her home. While admitting she had one, she neglected to tell the public she was using it exclusively to communicate her state business rather than the State Department system which is secured and traceable.  Furthermore, she flat out lied about getting permission to have such a server as seen in the Inspector General report that came out in June.

It is clear to any person possessing common sense that Clinton was up to things not sanctioned by the State Department; yet, Lynch engaged with her husband.

Now rumors swirl that Clinton may not be indicted even though she self-incriminated by admitting to the illegal server. What does this mean to the rest of us regarding law and order in this country? Is there two tiers of law – one for the establishment politicians and another for the little people (or the masses)?

No one is above the law – not even Hillary Clinton. If she were a person possessing morality, first, she wouldn’t have engaged in this activity and second, she would come clean in an attempt to make up for her wrongdoings. Instead, what Americans get from her campaign is a whirlwind of lies – even to the point where they come directly out of her own mouth!

It smacks in our faces as if to say we’re too stupid to see what’s glaring us in the face with a 1000 watt light bulb shining all around it! The insult is beyond description but it produces an anger within most voters that will surely not bode well come November.

As I read Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash, I am constantly reminded of all the malfeasance the Clintons have perpetrated over their years in public service. Whitewater, Dubious Pardons, Questionable Ethics, Dishonesty, Shady Money Laundering (Clinton Foundation), Hillarycare, Benghazi and even a list of mysterious deaths or murders! All of these scandals and crimes have one thing in common: lack of accountability.

In law classes, students are taught repeat offenders always run out of luck. With each crime, accountability becomes more certain and percentages for detection severely compound. Criminals always slip up! Perhaps now, with this variable banquet of criminality, it will finally ring true for both Clintons as they show no sign of ceasing their criminal behavior until they’re prosecuted.

Until then, Loretta Lynch’s reputation has been severely damaged and to most Americans, she is part of a corrupt system that evades the laws we’re all supposed to abide by. My question to her is this: How can you expect Americans to abide by laws when you cherry pick whose accountable and who is not?

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