THE BIG EMPTY: Rosenstein Hearing

By this point, many of you have heard the highlights of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s big day on the Hill. Interestingly, he offered nothing in the way of explanation for the plethora of anomalies we’ve seen with the entire Mueller investigation on President Trump. Instead, the biggest takeaway was he is not all that concerned people no longer have faith in America’s Justice Department.

It was not like he came into the hearings, copping attitude of righteous indignation like we saw with former FBI Director James Comey or the clueless look of current Director Christopher Wray. Instead, he provided us the wide-eyed, corporate man, touting the company’s line to every obvious conflict of interest and corruption spanning from Mueller’s precarious choices for his ‘dream team’ to the atrocious text messages we learned about yesterday that passed between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and his paramour, Lisa Page.

Not wanting to bore with the details every Fox News channel talking head has yammered on about all day, in all, the lengthy list was damning at best. Some particular high points were the exchanges with the two legal eagle Congressmen Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH). Of course, they were both the stars of the morning as they relentlessly grilled Rosenstein much like we can imagine Andrew Weissmann did to General Michael Flynn.

Unfortunately, with only five minutes each, they didn’t have near the time to work him over in FBI style but they got their points across. Rep. Jordan’s questioning was very pointed and it should cause Rosenstein to pause because he laid it on the line. “You’re the guy in charge…”

Here is the exchange between Rep. Jordan and Deputy AG Rosenstein during the hearing.

Here is the exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Rosenstein claimed he saw no reason – despite the glaring corruption and collusion (not on Trump’s lot) – for Mueller’s team to be terminated and a second Special Prosecutor be assigned to investigate the investigators. Instead, he hid behind the Inspector General’s current investigation into matters. Using said actions, he wants to see the report before coming to any definitive conclusions.

The following is a bit of a recap between Rep. Jordan and Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs.

While it’s probably not wise to hold your breath for Rosenstein to do anything about this mess – it may come down to the President stepping in and cleaning up the Justice Department in swift order. Mind you, this will cause a firestorm of criticism from the liberals and lamestream media, but this kind of collusion and corruption done on our dime for one party to target the opposition, is simply put – tyranny – not to mention unacceptable.

All in all, yesterday’s hearing was a huge waste of time – hence, the big empty. It was a shameless waste of taxpayers’ money to have these oversight hearings because the person testifying seldom answers the Republican Congressperson (who actually take these hearings seriously) citing ongoing investigations and/or clearance issues. As for the Democrats, they’re too busy grandstanding with their fairy tales and fake news information to worry about things like justice, corruption and collusion – that is, unless it’s against their favorite colleagues.

Keep getting your popcorn. We’re in for a long winter!


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