The Big Comey Question

After listening to the nonsensical blabber of James Comey on the Hill last Thursday, one question comes to mind that many have yet to utter…. Was this the one and only time Comey leaked to the Media?

While our polls are still going on Twitter, it seems a majority (95%) of the people believe this is not Comey’s first and only time leaking.

It would seem in the months January to current, one would wonder after his startling admission to the Senate Intelligence Committee, it would seem the leaks could largely be coming from the former FBI Director himself. There was too much evidence to indicate his involvement, whether he himself leaked or like he claimed got an intermediary to work on his behalf.

Sen. Marco Rubio (FL-R) made an excellent observation that while many leaks happened over the months with intimate details of the cases, the one thing that never leaked out was the fact President Trump was not under investigation nor has be been at any time before. This is a tidbit Comey admits he didn’t want in the public forum (or square to quote his verbology) and that’s suspiciously the only thing that never leaked.

Do you think Comey has been this unnamed ‘insider’ all these months? Has he been the one whose defiance against our laws has brought much fake news to the airwaves. Sure the Media has more than acquiesced but Comey’s leaks were tandem in some people’s opinions. This is like playing with a stacked deck against the house. It’s cheating; hence, why it’s against the law.

Perhaps now it’s time our lawmakers started to examine a way to also hold Big Jim accountable because if they don’t, they set a bad precedence for future leakers. They will all figure if the FBI Director can do it unfettered without consequence, why can’t I?

Once again, Comey has marred our system of jurisprudence. Shouldn’t he be disbarred for leaking as it is highly counter to any Bar Association’s ethics clauses for attorneys. It would be like a prosecutor leaking to the press inside facts of a case he’s about to adjudicate in order to either taint his jury pool or prosecute through public opinion. I’d think this would be grounds for every Bar Comey is a member to bounce him without further recourse. Virginia, New York, District of Columbia? How say you?

For now, all we can do is conjecture but we do have a petition before the White House, calling for a special prosecutor to look into Comey’s dealings before, during and after his tenure at the FBI. Perhaps we’ll find even more criminality because this smoke has already exposed part of the fire. I think it’s probably like Centralia, PA where there’s been an underground fire for more than fifty years. We all know there’s a fire there, we’ve seen it, but it’s much, much worse when you get down in the middle of it.

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