The Art of Subtly: Someone Just Got Played

NEW YORK: Donald Trump pulled a fast one today big time. Most mainstream media has failed to report on it because in between jabs with CNN, they probably missed it altogether. Trump shows his leadership stripes by outwitting some of the biggest foxes of all!

Remember when Trump told us a little story about how he was so puzzled about the press getting his intelligence hearing information almost immediately after they were concluded and, in some cases, before? This situation was something he brought up last Thursday when NBC got the leaked Russian hacking report that he wasn’t to see until the next day. He questioned on Twitter about how it was possible they would have advance copies when he, the President Elect, had not yet seen it.

Good question…

In a way much like when your father tells you one of those life lesson stories, he spoke of how he scheduled an intel meeting without anyone in his camp knowing anything about it — not even his secretary, who has been with him for decades. In code, Mr. Trump set a trap much like the hoaxers on 4Chan did for disgraced GOP political pundit Rick Wilson and the MSM.

He went to his meeting and afterwards, almost immediately many news organizations knew about it and the contents… thus, indicating one conclusion: the Intelligence Community must be leaking to the press.

Big oopsy daisy there… Shows Trump is far from being the ‘dummie’ all the DC Insiders believed him to be, doesn’t it? He actually outfoxed them to find out the truth.

Now, if he’s not planning to do a complete overhaul for our intel community, then why would he go to this length to ascertain where leaks were coming from? Chances are, this is proof and point to substantiate his need to reorganization the whole situation and should be very interesting to watch!

The art of subtly… to perfection as only Donald Trump can do — and do so well!

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