TEXAS: Threats & Guns!

Did I mention this was at a state house here in America?

Yesterday in the Texas House, a fight broke out after Legislator Matt Rinaldi called ICE on illegal aliens protesting the session in the balcony. Many Democrat legislators became hostile and abusive by this (legal) act; physically assaulting by Roman Romero while Poncho Nevarez verbally threatened his life. And here you thought American Democrats were oh so civilized… maybe for Nigeria but certainly not what we expect here in the States.

Keep it classy, Democrats…

Below is video of the altercation but it hardly denotes the fact that it is Rinaldi’s duty by his oath of office to turn in lawbreakers. In fact, the legislators who didn’t alert ICE to the illegal aliens in the galley were the true law/oath breakers in the scenario. Their oath is to uphold the US Constitution and laws in this country; not social justice activism. (We leave that for the Jill Steins of the world.)

Shouldn’t those legislators be held to task for their criminal intent? (Yes, intent, one of James Comey’s favorite words.)


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On his Facebook page, Rinaldi described the incident in his own words. It was really a telling tale of how the Democrat meltdown continues throughout America. They are losing elections left and right yet they continue to blame the Russian Boogeyman for their fall from grace. They can’t handle the fact Americans have rejected their ill-conceived policies and abysmal failures over the last three decades. They’re like the press, an ex-spouse whose lost influence over you and pretty steamed up about that inconvenient fact.

Oddly, many of these illegals held signs threatening the next election. If they’re illegal aliens then they can’t vote in the next election or any election for that matter. So, why do they think this ‘threat’ is one to be taken seriously? And wouldn’t it stand to reason their threat actually just outed their ‘intent’ to commit voter fraud? It seems the illegals have actually believed the propaganda stating that somehow they are entitled to the same rights as actual US citizens. Why they believe this is a mystery unless we are to believe they are dumber than a box of stones. They don’t have any rights, unless you want to count being arrested and deported back to their mother ships aka countries of origin. America is not their home and they’d best understand this fact very quickly.

Texas of all places is kind of an odd place for people to be leveling threats to beat people up when they leave the state house. Why? Carry permits are out en masse in the Lone Star State so you never know when someone is packing heat. Apparently, Rinaldi told his Democrat friends he was a heat-carrying guy who would stop them with due force should they try to carry out their threats on his life. Oopsie Daisy.

Watching the Democrats continue to implode is just amazing because they keep making the same mistakes over and over. They believe riots and force, intimidations and smears – will all do the trick, when historically, the results were just the opposite. See 1968 for an example of how riots didn’t help Democrats at all and ended up with them losing badly back then, too. Their denials and tantrums are getting stale. Voters are now itching for 2018 to get more of them out of the Senate.

Like the last election, the upcoming midterm may just shock the Democrats as they continue to careen down their path of corruption and destruction. Can we expect more of these Democrat outbursts in state houses throughout America? Guess we’ll just have to wait it out and see what shakes up!

Welcome to the ultimate in Banana Republic!

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