Texas Governor Greg Abbott Praises President

Since Harvey slammed onto the coast of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has praised the federal relief efforts and President Trump. His gratitude is astounding and refreshing, making him a great governor. He’s a breath of fresh air after watching many other governors damning the Trumps at every turn!

It’s a shame that with this disaster going on, the media, so negative towards our elected President to the point where the First Lady’s attire seems to be the big news and not the thousands of flood victims who have lost everything! Even college professors are losing their jobs due to blind hatred for our Commander in Chief.

It clearly shows the real priorities floating around by the liberals in our country and the scene it leaves isn’t pretty. The question is, if these media talking heads had the decisions and responsibilities, could they do better? If they were that savvy and could bear such a task, chances are it would make them weak in the knees.

Liberals have already proven their ineffectiveness with handling real human tragedy. Sandy relief efforts waned in the following months after the storm, and there are some areas which still have issues along the New Jersey shoreline. This is not hot news so we never hear about it anymore. Besides, to speak of the failures would only add on to the previous administration’s lack of accomplishments.

It’s also a shame that instead of having to concentrate on the matter at hand, the Governor must defend the good deeds of our President and First Lady. This is valuable time wasted with media asking questions which could be answered in a week or two. Instead, he’s doing the morning talk circuit to defend the onslaught of negativity coming from an apathetic press and political class, whose more concerned with a pardon than the torments of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Left continually proves why they’re inept for elected offices as we’ve not seen anyone like Elizabeth Warren out there promoting additional financial aid to the people in storm-torn Texas. Now that the storm has also hit Louisiana, will we see the same liberal lunacy? Most likely, yes.


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