Terry the Snitch?

It seems the Governor of Virginia has been a busy guy lately as sources have related to Video Blogger Victurus Libertas the fact that he’s been singing like a canary to the FBI, giving them all kinds of names associated with the Clinton Foundation. It seems Terry McAuliffe has named California Governor Jerry Brown, former Senator Barney Frank along with Chuck Schumer and Donna Brazile as people of interest in the multiple jurisdiction investigation. The source went on to say there were literally dozens more that have been outed by the governor.

Through another source, it’s also said that John Podesta, Clinton’s Campaign Chairman, has also been ousted by McAuliffe, which could be why the FBI opened an investigation on him last weekend. Some are reporting this investigation involves his firm’s lobbying efforts (and take) from the Russian’s Uranium One deal, which left us 20% poorer in uranium.

Spanning over three major cities: New York, Little Rock and DC, the investigation was originally slammed by Loretta Lynch at the Department of Justice. However, through resourcefulness (and friends,) FBI Director James Comey found another way to continue to look into the various corruptions and racketeering of the nefarious foundation. Many have said all agents (which is moving towards 300 agents) have signed non-disclosures (gagged) and subject to random polygraphs while the investigation continues.

As many know, today the FBI did find an additional 15,000 emails not disclosed by Hillary Clinton which show Huma Abedin, Clinton’s long time aide and confidante, giving special favors and access to the Foundation’s Top donors. This investigation just keeps getting deeper and deeper as more things surface that show just how deep this rabbit hole goes with anything related to seriously flawed Democrat candidate.

Regarding our friendly canary McAuliffe, it seems that even though he’s trying to help his favorite gal pal snag the Oval Office, by delivering warm, newly pardoned convicts as potential voters, he’s inadvertently putting himself on another list the Clinton’s keep track of. The infamous Clinton Body Count list! Will he be number 68? 69? 70? No one knows.

Would think with all the heat from his own legal tangles with the FBI, the last thing McAuliffe would be concerned about is pardoning inmates to pad votes for co-conspirator in crime. After all, he can’t pardon himself!

This is Victurus Libertas’s original video about the situation. And don’t be fooled… this guy’s been right too much lately for his sources to be wrong!

Shady deals, kids. This is all shaping up to make Hillary Clinton the most corrupt candidate to ever run for the White House, making Al Capone look like a complete amateur. Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall has nothing on the Clinton Corruption Ring. To be sure, it’s the proverbial house of cards coming apart with each passing day.

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    1. No kidding! I’ll join you. I told you the rabbit hole was gonna get seriously deep… did you not remember? It’s the Red Pill Reality.

      1. So back in May when he was reported to be under investigation by FBI, he must have been pulled back and forth by Clinton foundation and FBI.
        When he started to snitch, Clintons found out and people started dying.

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