Term Limits: Why We Need Them…

It was never meant to be a life-long career…

With familiarity comes both contempt and perpetuation of rut, so why do citizens continue to advocate and subscribe to the same politicians, election after election? While on a local level this can be damaging to a community such as Salisbury because one needs to have the ability to shakes things up a bit. Having the same mayors, council members and such, year in and year out, it becomes a tedious drill of lip service with no tangible return for a person’s vote. The same potholes remain along with all the other complaints campaign promises are built on – yet as citizens, we allow it.

washingtondcLooking at the Federal arena, it is staggering how long people are elected to do the same horrible job they’ve done for decades. Barbara Milkulski has frankly done a atrocious job representing our area. She flagrantly passed that mess we now know as Obamacare, which becomes more and more putrid with each passing day while costing many Marylanders (and Salisburians) job security and – guess what? Health Insurance! She has assisted in diminishing Maryland’s the ability to attract younger citizenry as a viable place to raise a family and discouraged small businesses (and some big ones) from even setting up shop. Yet, she has been allowed to enjoy her reign of nuisance by the citizenry she hurts since January 3, 1987. That’s a whopping twenty-nine years for all those without their cellphone calculators handy. The question is: Why?  reign

Historically, the House and Senate were supposed to be for representatives of a community that worked their ‘regular’ jobs and professions in ADDITION to their duties in DC in their home territory. Even Washington didn’t sell the plantation when he was elected President. Hence, only when our representatives are actually in communication with us can they truly provide our voice in Washington.

Instead of our representatives, we have pre-fab, groomed politicians who see their political lives as the end game with absolutely no idea what we need or desire. Additionally, these pundits have never owned or run a business – or studied business for that matter – and they are so out of sync with their so-called communities, it’s a good day when they can even remember the townships’ names they supposedly represent.

Politicians run amuck with their special interests and aisle crossing is no way to run neither a community nor a country. Term limits are one of many ways to ensure we have a real say in this country (the way this country was designed to work) rather than passive stakeholders without an educational clue. Furthermore and more importantly, it provides the necessary checks and balances a democracy requires to continue as, well, a democracy.

How say you?

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