Ted Cruz Refuses to Denounce a Hate Group against Gay People

Another video for my viewers to witness as it’s most disturbing. Kevin Swanson is the ‘minister’ in this video and you will be shocked to find Ted Cruz, Republican Presidential Candidate during this primary season, speaks at this event.

While I am not gay, I do respect the rights gay people have within our society. The mass execution of people simply due to their sexual orientation is flat out wrong and unjust. People ignored the Wright-Obama connection in 2008 and 2012; are they going to turn, yet again, a blind eye to the blatant Swanson-Cruz connection? I would hope not. Wake up America. These are more than interesting times; they’re becoming down right dangerous.

We cannot continue to cater nor pander to this extreme fundamentalism within Christianity that has grossly perverted the religion and the Bible. We have to say, NO! once and for all.

Before voting for Cruz, think to yourself: Who will be the NEXT hated demographic? Could it be anyone over 65? Children with birth defects? Women?

Think long and hard. Haters always find someone to HATE!

Will we ignore this kind of extremism again? America – once again, wake up!

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