Ted Cruz: Outsider or Masquerader (Part I)

Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been running all over the country, touting he’s the ultimate outsider to the Washington Elite…but is he?

In an eye-opening expose by Roger Stone and relayed by Mike Savage on his radio program, it would seem that Cruz is far from being the outsider he professes to be. In fact, he met his Goldman Sachs wife, Heidi, while working for none other than, George H. Bush.  He is without a doubt, the career politician that has ignored the voters time and time again. He is one of the Bush cabal that must be put out of business now before it’s too late to save the country we’ve known and loved!

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Think to yourself…is it unwarranted? Are you any better off now than you were since 2000 or are you worse off?

Cruz’s Connections to Bush by Mike Savage 3.10.2016

Apparently as per Stone/Savage, Cruz has a long running history with the Bush family that goes well beyond his employment of Neil Bush, George and Jeb’s black sheep brother who defrauded Americans out of $1+ Million in a unscrupulous SNL scandal. He worked on Bush’s election in 2000, promoted John Roberts (and we’ve all seen what that’s yielded) as well as a host of other legacy-making deals Cruz would rather the ‘informed voters’ not know. Calling many Trump voters low informed, he should be praying that his own supporters don’t learn about his deeply entrenched Establishment past which has many suspecting he’s a part of the machine raging against Trump.

Calling him the ultimate Bush-man, Cruz’s political career has it’s roots firmly placed in the Bush Family camp. Hence, his claims as an outsider is unabashedly false. This is one narrative that needs to quashed now!

Cruz has pulled the wool over some voters but I trust those voters will see the ever-present light as they listen to the damning radio show. It’s time voters inform themselves as we’ve heard nothing of this from so-called hard-hitting reporters and political pundits. This kind of information will never come to us from someone like Karl Rove and anyone at the Fox News Channel as this would take all three insiders of the DC Elites out of play – leaving an open path for Trump’s victory on the RNC ticket. Something all the stakeholders involved do not want in any way.

So we must ask ourselves as voters as we traverse through the mires of nonsense and false narratives, what is it WE want in the White House. More of the same as we’ve had since Bush Sr. or do we want a change? I, for one, think this whole government apparatus needs a huge overhaul and there’s only outsider whose prepared to do just that.

Cast your votes wisely my fellow readers…this is the election of a lifetime! Lines in the pavement have never been drawn with such a gap between ideologies.

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