Tax Reform Passes Senate

A huge 24 hours on Capitol Hill…

This morning around 1:00am, the Tax Reform Bill passed the Senate 51-48. Inside the bill, along with the reduced tax rates for everyone and businesses, the Individual Mandate that has choked many Americans, forcing them to buy expensive premium health insurance or risk being fined by the IRS, was repealed.

Now, the bill goes to back to Congress for a re-vote in the morning due to a parliamentary (Byrd) rule, then to President Trump’s office to be signed. The President expressed his sentiments by saying:


The President announced that he has already checked with the Internal Revenue Service and if the bill is signed by Christmas, we will all see the fruits in our February paychecks!

It is interesting to note that once again, the bill passed with no Democrat votes, which is sad to see considering people like West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin was asked by WV AG Patrick Morrisey to vote for Yes for the citizens in his state. Yet, WV’s Democrat chose partisan politics over the best interest of his constituents!

Remember this historic moment during the November 2018 election cycle because by then, you’ll already have the extra money in your pockets to spend on your families and your ability to find a job will have already become much easier than it was today!

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