Is it All about to Burst?

Have you noticed here lately, much has been revealed to us about the now infamous Trump Dossier created as opposition research by Fusion GPS? Last night on Sean Hannity,... Read more »


Democrats have Selective Outrage about Voter Fraud - when it suits their initiative, it's important! They easily forget about 1960 and 2012 Elections! Read more »

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Clinton’s Helpers – GOP Sabotage!

BREAKING: Confirmed last night reveals through Corey Stewart, former Trump Campaign president based in Virginia whom was fired yesterday for having a Pro-Trump Rally interviewed live with California¬†attorney/activist Mike... Read more »

Fiscal Sense

I am always amazed when people in the Twitterverse claim they don’t think that Donald Trump is fiscally conservative. They apparently have not been doing their homework because it’s... Read more »