Unpacking President Trump’s Real Christmas Presents to America!

Many Americans are walking around in a cloud because the Mainstream Media has failed to deliver real news about Donald Trump and his first year in office. Unfortunately, Morning... Read more »

END CHAIN MIGRATION: Do You Need Any More Proof?

As the title says, do you need any more proof that Chain Migration is not working in America? During his campaign, Donald Trump proposed doing away with these negligent... Read more »

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Are We Being Left Out of the Loop?

Disturbing patterns are starting to emerge after the Chelsea Bombing in New York City and the prior in Seaside, NJ on the same day. It seems the mainstream media... Read more »

Clarification of my Twitter Critiques!

Like the air we breathe, historically, everyone in America takes the Federal Bureau of Investigations for granted… When I studied law, I was always in awe of the FBI’s tenacity... Read more »

What Exactly is Terrorism?

If it’s intentional then it’s terrorism… Something lost on liberals and their media voice. Webster Dictionary Definition: Terrorism: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an... Read more »

St. Cloud: Officially Terrorism

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the St. Cloud, MN mass stabbing attack yesterday at the Crossroad Center Shopping Mall, stating he was a ‘Soldier of Islam.’ So now can we call... Read more »

Not Even 24-Hours Later…

Governor Cuomo of New York just made a stunning statement that the bomb incidents from yesterday in New York and New Jersey were “Not ISIS connected…” Didn’t we hear... Read more »

Intentional But Not Terrorism?

It was a typical busy Saturday night in the Chelsea district of New York City when around 8:32PM at 23rd Street between Seventh and Sixth Avenue, a bomb exploded in... Read more »


By Thornton Crowe As published on Salisbury News On Independence Day weekend, I thought about what this holiday’s remembrance is really all about and why it’s meaning now is... Read more »