Do you think the President is being Paranoid Now?

The Media Continues to bash the President based on unsubstantiated claims and myths. Are they hurting themselves? It would seem from our own poll, they already have! Read more »

Anyone Ever Heard of Herman Cain?

Go back to the Primary 2012 for the GOP… A black man by the name of Herman Cain ran against many establishment figures for the GOP nomination. I’m sure... Read more »

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Are We Being Left Out of the Loop?

Disturbing patterns are starting to emerge after the Chelsea Bombing in New York City and the prior in Seaside, NJ on the same day. It seems the mainstream media... Read more »

Rounding Corner…

As we get closer to Election Day, as with many years before, we are going to be hit with such propaganda to the likes unlike we’ve ever seen. There’s... Read more »

Clinton Faints at 9/11 Ceremony

Reported on Fox News, Hillary Clinton fainted at 9/11 ceremony held in New York. She was whisked away by her security detail, even leaving her press pool behind. This... Read more »

Progressive Racism

Progressive Racism takes an honest look at the relationship between Liberalism and Racism in American culture. Penned by David Horowitz, this well organized book contains arguments and substantiating examples... Read more »

He Said What?

It’s no mystery outlets like CNN and MSNBC have been shamelessly hawking Hillary Clinton for president since before the conventions even ended. Their biased slant on her campaign and... Read more »

E Pluribus Unum

Much talk has occurred over the last few months here about racial tension in America. I’m sure you’re already rolling your eyes and thinking, why is Thornton bringing this... Read more »

Hispanic America Beware!

As promised, more from Wikileaks land! Well, guys, just when you thought it was bad, it’s about to get worse. Going through Wikileaks’ Treasure Trove, these two emails came... Read more »

Don’t We Have Enough Racial Tensions?

By Jillian Callahan This evening I was watching The Five on Fox News.  I watch this show on a regular basis because I really enjoy Eric Boling and Kimberly... Read more »

Racism Isn’t Just A White People’s Problem

By Jillian Callahan Is it racism or just a defect of character in a person no matter their color? Growing up in a rural Midwestern town, I honestly didn’t... Read more »