Stein’s Big Lie

Don’t let Jill Stein fool you. Her ruse is being unraveled by the moment but she keeps moving forward with her nuisance lawsuits and rebel-rousing rhetoric. Most Americans are ready to move on and stop this recount idiocy but, like the true comrade of Hillary Clinton and George Soros, Stein continues to head for that cinderblock wall at moc speed.

While she claims during interview with the press that 80% of the voters want this recount, numbers don’t lie. In a Twitter poll still going on right now, 96% of the respondents have told Stein and her Recount to take a hike. Once again, showing scam artists are shameless when pimping their misdeeds to the American public.

Note on Twitter polls: No one account vote more than once, the poll taker cannot vote and no one has 3500+ accounts because each user has to have a unique email account. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that Lee Jackson could forge this on-going poll.

In reality, she missed the deadline in Pennsylvania – and if proven on purpose, Stein could be looking at criminal charges under the RICO racketeering laws, because her fundraising is of a dubious nature, designed to commit fraud. At the very least, complaints have already been filed against her with the Federal Election Commission for her nefarious actions.

Also reported in Forbes, the recount has cost Wisconsin enough to help over 5,000 children in their state. Therefore, more proof that Stein’s selfish greed is paramount to her at the expense of anyone else.

Had she really been concerned about Voter Fraud then she would’ve wanted recounts in New York and California – both hubs for illegal voters where governors illegally gave them a means to vote by issuing Drivers Licenses. Virginia is another state that had known reports during September of voter registers being packed with dead people – one college student was even incarcerated for registering deceased people. Additionally, in VA, the governor illegal gave felons the right to vote against the rules and laws that govern elections.

She also hasn’t asked for recounts in places like Minnesota or Illinois but the map shown here, clearly sees mostly red in those states that were called early for Clinton with less than 1% of the votes in by Associated Press. Yet, to demonstrate Stein’s fraud further, she chose the three states (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) that guaranteed Donald Trump’s Electoral College win.

Just in, a liberal judge has ruled for the Michigan recount. Bear in mind, MI is a paper ballot state only. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely Stein’s recount will change anything unless Clinton/Soros has managed to doctor paper ballots. In which case, this situation could go all the way up to the Supreme court. See Adam Gingrich’s two articles here on Crowenation for more information and details. Very surprising (or perhaps not) a judge would decide to put him/herself in this hot seat but some judges abuse their place on the bench for personal politics. Another swamp we need to drain and purge in this country because this clearly violates the election laws in the state!

Congratulations, Michigan, one of your judicial activist judge, Mark Goldsmith, just cost you millions of dollars that could go towards infrastructure or helping your indigent population at Christmas time to pay for Stein’s big lie! You might want to drop him a thank you note along with your governor and DC Congressmen and Senators.

Furthermore, what this has brought to light is verify Trump’s assessment that our elections have to be revamped — not the Electoral College! The voter rolls need to be purged of all deceased (by working hand in hand with the Social Security Death Index), proof of citizenship in order to register and Voter ID requirements at the polls along with possibly another qualifier — the voter’s thumb print!

Stein¬†should be ashamed of herself and her behavior. Predict her political career is completely over and she’ll be forever entrenched in history as the one who tried to ruin the 2016 election! Not a place in history I’d ever want to be!

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