St. Cloud: Officially Terrorism

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the St. Cloud, MN mass stabbing attack yesterday at the Crossroad Center Shopping Mall, stating he was a ‘Soldier of Islam.’

So now can we call it terrorism or do we have to continue to wait for media and government officials to get up to speed?

The incident happened yesterday where a man dressed as a private security officer, yielded a machete and stabbed 8 victims. While he didn’t fatally wound them, they are all hospitalized. Witnesses told law enforcement that he spoke of Allah and asked one victim if they were a Muslim.

Remember, not too long ago, it was revealed that many terror cells exist in Minnesota. The Star Tribune reported back in September 2015, it was the country’s leading state for recruiting ISIS members and training them for terror attacks as per federal reports. Therefore, it is not beyond the realm of possibility from the onset that this was a terrorist act.

Last night, only Steve Tellier from local station, KSTP, reported the facts in this case while those at Fox News, CNN and MSNBC conjectured and contemplated on air as to whether it may or may not be terrorism.

Could New York and New Jersey be the next admission? Now days, it seems unless ISIS admits to it, the media and leadership like the “nothing to see here” stance, even though terror is terror.

More to come as it unfolds. Until then, keep cheering!

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