SPICER’S SPICY DEBUT: Media Put On Notice!

WASHINGTON DC: Tonight, in a scathing press conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued a cautionary warning to the Mainstream Media. He stated, “There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable. And I’m here to tell you, it goes both ways. We’re going to hold the Press accountable as well…”

Summation of this brief but pointed presser was, “Cut it out!”

As we’ve seen throughout the whole campaign, post-election and now post inauguration, the Media is still insistent on painting a dire picture of President Trump and his Administration. Every tweet, every gesture is subject to unmitigated criticism; all while completely ignoring the Democrats’ dereliction to put forth confirmations for his cabinet appointees in a timely manner.

Fake News goes on and on…

Everything from the Martin Luther King, Jr. bust in the Oval Office being reported as removed when it still sits in the same place it did when Obama was in office to the nuance of every syllable of his Inauguration speech, the Media continues their pre-election vilification. It’s as if President Trump was still the salty New York billionaire fighting twitter wars with Rosie and Megyn.

Wake up call: He’s not!

As we all saw yesterday after the ceremony was over, many news outlets put forth tweets, claiming the National Park Service gave them numbers which were grossly lower than during President Obama’s two inaugurations. As Spicer states, it was as if to quash the public’s enthusiasm about Trump’s inauguration activities.

If Trump walked across water to help people, the MSM’s headline would be: “Trump Can’t Swim!”

Rebel-raisers are not just on CNN, either. MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox have participated in some of the Fake News and criticism. There have been stories from all the major networks, news websites like and main newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times have purposefully framed story lines to paint the President in a highly negative light. However, when the truth came out, they turned out to be completely false.

Most disconcerting is people like Jake Tapper, crying that the President is “delegitimizing the Media.” Oh, you mean like the Media has been trying to do since his election?

When assessing Spicer’s debut, Charles Krauthammer, a regular on Bret Baier’s news show, stated the first press conference was not a good beginning — for the Administration. Additionally, Dana Perino (a former Press Secretary for George W. Bush) on The Five, criticized him for leaving without taking questions. Seriously?

What political talking heads like Krauthammer and Perino don’t seem understand is this; people tweet this MSM nonsense to the President and Press Secretary Spicer! Yes, we’re weighing in on every news story and scrutinizing the Media as much, if not, more than they’re doing to the President.

Why? Simply put, we’re sick of the propaganda being shoved down our throats with no end in sight.

It’s no secret that now 92% of America doesn’t trust the Media.

Like it or not, most people who read the Wikileaks emails between the Democratic National Committee and Media throughout the primaries, already know the two are in a highly corrupted bed. Their plots to broadcast propaganda to frame then-candidate Trump is the most negative light was on computer screens across America throughout the summer and fall. We’ve seen too fake many stories and bad information repeated ad nauseum by Hollywood and political pundits, long after they’re proven false.

The Media that cried fowl one too many times…

The sad fact is, with such mistrust, people cannot tell whether anything reported is true or not; therefore, they defer President Trump as the truth keeper – not the Media. The Media has shot itself in the proverbial foot and now whine because it may very likely lose access to the President and his Administration.

To be honest, don’t really see a reason why President Trump or Press Secretary Spicer would continue to do press conference in a traditional sense. With social media, they could easily do a different type of Fireside Chat utilizing all the new technologies would be more effective than depending on the Media with it’s spin doctoring. Why have these loafers creeping around the White House, ginning up fake news on taxpayers’ dime? They can go back to their corporate offices and make up the same nonsense without presidential access. Frankly, it’s a waste of his time and ours!

President Trump should never stop tweeting…

Political talking heads continue to go ballistic over the tweets but the truth is, if he did, they get away with vilifying him at every turn. At least, when he’s tweeting, his real message continues to flow out to Americans – his ultimate bosses. We know he reads our responses: good, bad and indifferent. Evidence of his response is the firestorm presser because Spicer was channeling his inner-Trumpisms.

The White House Press Corps is a privilege many people would love to have — me, included. Yet, MSM seems to treat it as if an entitlement they deserve! Well, last time I checked, the Administration does have discretion to give access. Meaning, they can deny and withdraw credentials should they choose to do so!

The jig is up…

The Media has shredded it’s credibility currency with Americans and Spicer levied the ultimate cease and desist notice. Additionally, here’s ours: this war isn’t just a war between the President and Media; it’s the People and President Trump v. Mainstream Media!

Take heed, we’re watching and reading… and tweeting

Suggestion to the White House:

Why not have a dedicated White House channel like CSPAN performs for the House and Senate. A channel designed strictly for press conferences? By having their own channel, it galvanizes a one-to-all messaging for everyone on equal footing. It would be far more efficient! If they need help, we’re more than available to help make it happen!

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