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In 2016, over half a million people lived on the street, unable to afford the basic necessities many of us take for granted. We’ve all seen them panhandling on the streets of every town and city in America. Often times, many pass them by as if they don’t exist – going on our merry way. We forget that a lot of the people living on the street also fought in our wars so we could be free. We forget a lot of things…

Every Christmas, we see thousands of Salvation Army buckets with volunteers ringing bells. Some find it annoying while others stop and render spare change or a dollar or two. All in all, we never think what they’re there for or much less care. It’s just always been a part of the Christmas ‘landscape.’

Now look at the picture above. One of the many planes carrying money – cold hard cash – to Iran during the Obama presidency. What does this have to do with the homeless population in America, you ask? Well, plenty.

Obama was really good at giving our enemies tons of our hard-earned tax dollars to people overseas. Remember that money was supposedly frozen assets from when the Iranians took our embassy hostage at the end of the Seventies. Yes, the Obama Administration made sure those people got money but what did the then-president do for people right here in America? Citizens living on the streets, starving.  Sometimes these homeless people weren’t just singletons, there are families – whole families evicted from their apartments and homes because there were no jobs and their unemployment benefits had run out.

Did Obama care about any of those people? It would seem he was too busy sending hostage agents against America to be worried about the homeless people right here in the country he was supposedly representing. Therefore, the next time a liberal spews their feel-good garbage about Obama, ask them about the homeless rate that sky-rocketed during his presidency due to his mishandling of taxpayer money.

At no point in our history have we ever had a president who put so many American enemies before the citizens their country. Additionally, we’ve never had a president who trashed his country while visiting others.

If this doesn’t make Obama a bad president, what does?

Also think about this the next time someone tries to tell you President Trump is a bad president. They don’t know what bad is until they’ve studied Obama’s presidency.

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