Should Trump Follow Jefferson’s Lead?

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich raised a very interesting solution to the 9th Circuit issue where judges feel they yield more power than President Trump. He proffers the Trump Administration to revisit Thomas Jefferson’s Judiciary Act (1802) solution by abolishing the 9th altogether.

In the video below, Gingrich discusses the Judiciary Act of 1802 and why it would be a good course for President Trump to explore. It is obvious some corrective action needs to be taken and it’s no secret Speaker Paul Ryan, a most uninformed politician on the Hill, would be impotent should any impeachment process be introduced to the House.

Learn your history… Impeachment vs. Abolishment!

Many will view this as extreme, but is it? Jefferson as you know if you didn’t take Common Core History, was one of the Founding Fathers, whose study in other government structures was key during the forming of our Republic. James Madison, whose also referred to in the video above, also was dedicated to the formation which led to a stunning experience we call America. The brilliance of these two cannot be compared by any government hack kicking around today, so my money’s on their solution!

While its not the ‘normal’ response to Judicial Activism, it would certainly send a message to jurists looking to practice this unethical abuse of their position on the bench. They are much too confident under the umbrella of “lifetime appointment” that they feel they don’t have anyone to answer to because most times, Congress doesn’t have the courage to impeach them.

In reality, it is the sole job of any jurist to uphold the US Constitution. Both the 9th and the 4th Circuits have failed to do so, not just on the travel ban situation but many other cases before. These judges have taken it upon themselves to put things in the Constitution that simply do not exist. Their continued abuse is nothing short of treason as it goes against the ruling document for America.

If judges continue to usurp our President and his duties to protect American citizens, why shouldn’t they be abolished altogether? Their failure to uphold our Constitution and respect Presidential Powers has gone well beyond the scope of their own duties that they should no longer be allowed to go on unfettered without fear of recourse.

Legal reform, kids. It’s sadly needed now because many are simply not following our ruling document and worse yet, not using good old fashion common sense. They forward politics over justice. And, as a country we just cannot continue to tolerate this type of behavior.


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