Should the DOJ back off the Marijuana Issue?

In recent years, many states have legalized medicinal marijuana for patients suffering from a host of disabilities and ailments. It is a natural way to deal with pain unlike the highly addictive opioids which we all know are dangerous and can cause irreparable damage – both physically and emotionally. Plus, many states like Colorado and Washington, have legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

Recently, the Department of Justice issued a statement they were going to go after marijuana after the free pass from the Eric Holder days. The question is, with all the crime going on with politicians, leakers and the Clintons, why would the DOJ concern itself with something so miniscule as marijuana witch hunting? Doesn’t this make the public wonder why such an unpopular pursuit is being reignited when we have so much other criminality with graver consequences afoot?

This seems like a nothing burger that was completely unnecessary…

One has to wonder why Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn’t going more towards the big ticket items, especially on the heels of his efforts against gangs and illegal aliens. With such a strong stance and start, one would think he would go down those tracks instead of risk the alienation of libertarians who also voted for his ultimate boss. Even during the election, President Trump made no mention to marijuana use or any illegality of it, so why is the AG going down this road?

It seems like a massive waste of taxpayer time and money to do this considering the states who have already legalized marijuana, or at least, decriminalized it’s use. Therefore, one has to wonder why no one from the White House has called Sessions to task.

Granted, it is not President Trump (or his administration) to pick and choose cases, but in this instance, common sense should take hold. It is disturbing the fact that the Clintons continue to run fast and loose with facts, damning Trump at every turn even though their crimes are large and abundant. It smacks in the face of our jurisprudence to let them continue to walk among law abiding citizens, hawking their wares and yammering on about why Hillary didn’t win her stupid coronation she felt she was entitled.

Perhaps it’s time for someone to have a chat with our AG and explain to him the nuances of this type of legal wrangling and talk some sense into him.

The fact is this, they didn’t scream during Trump rallies, “Make Pot Illegal!” it was “Lock Her Up.” That is the Department of Justice we voted for – not running after hoodlums and giving them more of our taxpayer money to house in local prisons throughout America.

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